Jovanotti’s Wrath: “No illegal work at the Beach Party.  The Eco  Nazis Against Me’

Jovanotti’s Wrath: “No illegal work at the Beach Party. The Eco Nazis Against Me’

anything I work in black to the Jova beach partand still green washing: long live Instagram from Lido di Fermo, Jovanotti rejects allegations and suspicionsafter the blitz of the Ascoli Piceno Labor Inspectorate, and also replies to those who point the finger at the risks to the ecosystem: “If you, eco-Nazis who are nothing else, want to continue to attract attention with our strength, then it is ours Business is a project well done that respects the environment”.

The artist’s outburst comes after the news of suspension of activity for four companies involved in the mega-event due to the presence of 17 non-compliant workers. Already last night, Trident, the company that has always produced and organized Jovanotti’s live shows, denied illegal work and spoke of “formal non-compliance”, which was immediately remedied. “Illegal work is a major scourge for me, a very serious matter,” says Jova today, wearing a red and white striped T-shirt and a Minions hat, sitting next to Trident’s Maurizio Salvadori. “I’ve been working with Trident and Salvadori since 1988 and since then we’ve toured big and small, discotheques, clubs, bars, stadiums and never had a challenge on a labor level. But I know it’s us in the eye of the storm. : Jova Beach brings big events into small realities, igniting local anger and somehow political micro-vendettas. Salvadori explains the case in detail: “We work with 20 companies that provide services, from audio to stage to porters, which are difficult to find today because after 3 years of Covid semi-specialized porters have changed jobs and today find the 700 porters we need, we even have to have them arrive from 200-300 km with the coaches and from six, seven, eight different companies that we know that have been working in music for years if not decades, and that’s unthinkable they work It’s a really serious accusation, for those who always try to do their best: There is no illegal work at Jova Beach Party, there may be a breach of form. We were fined 1400 euros occupied because we hadn’t cordoned off the construction site area, the red and white tape was missing in one place, it was probably torn, and we’ll pay”.

As for the 17 non-compliant workers, “the three companies concerned oblated in 12 hours, were found compliant and are working on the site, the 17 workers are also here and working”. Jovanotti does not hesitate to speak about “Killeraggio” when spreading the news: “We know how certain news works: an agency that comes out at 7 p.m. is made on purpose so as not to have time to reply, it is a possibility , trying to hurt yourself, a time-tested technique used because then the next day when the papers came out, the answer was doubled. For me, illegal work is a great scourge, a very serious matter, from a personal point of view compliance with the law and I’ve always worked with like-minded people.” Jovanotti does not send them, to also tell those who speak of greenwashing, accusations from various environmental groups, including Italia Nostra: “The Jova Beach Party does not endanger any ecosystem, we do not destroy anything, we not only clean up the beaches, but we bring them to a better level than we find them. Jova Beach is not a ‘greenwash’ project, a word that pisses me off as much as it disgusts me who says it because it’s a wrong word, it’s a hashtag and you know where to put hashtags. The Jova Beach Party is a job well done: if you think it’s not well done, come and check, come here. Don’t spread shit. My audience is fantastic, they have a good conscience about the environment. If you, eco-Nazis who are nothing else, want to continue attracting attention with our strength, that’s your business. Our project is a well done project that respects the environment, talks about sustainability goals and reaches those who can reach them. are with the tools that the laws, common sense, the will provide”.