Jovanotti on illegal work at the Beach Party: “Everything in line”.  And he lashes out at the “eco  Nazis”: “That makes me …

Jovanotti on illegal work at the Beach Party: “Everything in line”. And he lashes out at the “eco Nazis”: “That makes me …

by Redazione Spettacoli

The singer responded to the allegations made on Instagram during a live performance

After the denial of Trident, the company that organizes the Jova Beach Party, Jovanotti himself wanted to clarify yesterday’s news that 17 illegal workers were on the construction site of his travel company in Fermo: “Since it is a very serious matter, this Message Reading it made me worry – Jova said during a live Instagram straight from the JBP site -. It hasn’t worried me because I’ve been working with Trident since 1988 and since 1988 we’ve done everything from bars to stadiums and there’s never been an employment challenge ».

However, to eliminate any doubt, “Knowing that we are in the eye of the storm and knowing that Jova beach is fueling a local hatred and a series of micro-vendettas in the area, I figured it would be another case – continued Singer – . So I called Maurizio Salvadori (founder and owner of Trident, ed.) and asked him to tell me how it went ». Live alongside him, Salvadori explained that he received “a very thorough check” at the construction site: “Trident is working with 20 companies on the construction of the Jova Beach Party, a company that we know and have not had in the music industry for years Decades. It is unthinkable that they work illegally, on the one hand it makes you smile, on the other hand it is a really serious accusation: undeclared work on Jova Beach is a contradiction in terms”.

Salvadori then said he was fined €1,400 for “a formal offence”, a piece of tape missing to enclose the site. But he instead denied that there were illegal workers: “Three companies had not yet made the notification, but from evening to morning, in 12 hours, they were fully compliant and working, as were the 17 workers who are here and working ” “So there is no illegal work?” Jova pressed. “There isn’t,” assured Salvadori.

Jovanotti then spoke of “killer” against him: “We know how agencies work. The fact that she went out at 7 p.m. doesn’t give you time to answer, it’s a killer, a proven technique for which you have to wait for the newspapers to answer the next day ». And he said the issue is particularly close to his heart, “because illegal work is a huge nuisance, a very serious matter. The laws are respected and I’ve always wanted to work with people who think like me from that point of view».

Using the live broadcast, Lorenzo Cherubini also wanted to remove a pebble from his shoe, responding to the (recurring) greenwashing allegations made at the Jova Beach Party: «This thing turns on, I like mine would have said. The Jova Beach Party does not endanger any ecosystem. We don’t trash anything, in fact we not only clean up the beaches but we bring them to a better level than before. Jova Beach is not a greenwash project, it’s a word that makes me shit like whoever pronounces it disgusts me because it’s a wrong word, a hashtag and you know where to put the hashtags ».

Finally, Jovanotti invited those who accuse him to go and see for themselves: “Come and check, don’t shoot shit, there are all the tools to check it. My audience is fantastic and has good environmental awareness. Eco-Nazis, who are nothing else, keep drawing attention to you, that’s up to you. I tell you that this is a very well done project that speaks of sustainability goals and achieves what it can achieve with the tools available.

August 5, 2022 (Modified August 5, 2022 | 5:36 PM)