Jovanotti attacks the “Econazis”, the green activist answers point by point and…

Jovanotti attacks the “Econazis”, the green activist answers point by point and…

An ironic and selective video at the same time: the environmental activist Christina CotoShe, almost 90,000 followers on Instagram, responded to the video message posted by with a video Jovanotti a few days ago to respond to the criticism of the Jova Beach Party, the mega concerts on the beach that the singer organizes all along the coast. “Last year we were more polluted than New Delhi’s sewers and this year Econazis?” the environmentalist begins on social media. Coto then replies to the singer, who claims that with his concerts he “takes the beaches to a better level”: “In Barletta you took the beach to a higher level – explains the activist – It was full of plants protected by European regulations are”. And again, the activist responds to Jovanotti’s verdict on the word “greenwashing,” which the singer defines as “fake, a hashtag”: Jova Beach party” underlines Coto, who remembers the hashtags of the sponsors of the event.

Jovanotti attacks the

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Jovanotti attacks the “Econazis” after the allegations about the concerts on the beach: “I am disgusted by those who use the word ‘greenwash’, put the hashtags where you know” – video

The video ends with a message (pronounced “imitates” the German accent to respond to the “Econazi” label) for Jovanotti and the communities hosting the event: “We activists, environmentalists, associations and ordinary citizens, we are here to ask you too get your ass off our natural heritage Publicity “.

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