Jova Beach Party at the Social Grill quotExcept greenquot Adnkronos

Jova Beach Party at the Social Grill: "Except green!" Adnkronos

Jovanotti at the Grill for the Environmental Impact of the Jova Beach Tour To add to the environmental controversies that had already accompanied the Beach Parties 2019 and preceded the debut of the Beach Parties 2022, the appearance of a banner in Marina di Ravenna, where the On 8 and July 9, the three-stage mega show caravan lands for two concerts. “65 meters of tamarisk felled for Jovanotti in a forbidden time (for nesting). Mayor, did you approve it? WWF, Fiab (National Federation of the Environment and Bicycle, ed.), environmentalists, where are you?” Banners, photographed and shared in hundreds of social media posts.

After Jova yesterday celebrated the opening of the tour with two stops in Lignano Sabbiadoro, celebrated by around 36,000 fans per evening, the artist has been so targeted on social media that the hashtag Jovanotti has jumped for hours to the top of the trends Twitter used both to defend and attack the musician, who is also accused of blocking negative comments on his posts on social networks.

It must be said that, as in 2019, Lorenzo Cherubini aka Jovanotti has taken a series of measures to minimize the impact of the concerts on the beach, but it is precisely his environmental and health “faith” that is becoming questioned. in the most pungent posts: “So ‘green’ that in Marina di Ravenna more than 65 linear meters of tamarisk plants, over four meters high, were razed to the ground for the Jovanotti event. So ‘green’ that the dining partner it is an intense Agriculture: Fileni,” writes one user on Twitter.

Before the start of the tour, the artist, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo and WWF Italy, announced the Ri-Party-Amo environmental project, intended to act on three development areas: “Let’s clean Italy” with the aim of cleaning 20 million square meters of beaches, lakes, rivers and seabeds; “Let’s Reconstruct Nature” to carry out 6 habitat restoration macro actions; We “educate young people” with an apprenticeship plan for more than 250,000 students, 8 college workshops, scholarships and school education programs. But as of yesterday, the critical tam tam on social media defied even sarcastic posts like this one: “Jovanotti, there is no point magni the organic baby food uprooted from the rocks of the Himalayas and produced by the Buddhist monk who Lived in Batman’s well for 30 years if I then pile a f**k or day on the beaches in the face of environmental sustainability,” Viscount Rampante wrote on Twitter.

For the rest, it’s a ping-pong between the defense of fans and admirers, who underline the positive and environmentally friendly atmosphere of the proposals of Jova’s activities, and the accusation that mercilessly crushes him and his music, also borrowing from politics. . “Be careful: Lorenzo Jova enjoys the same good press as Matteo Renzi. Both combine disasters, overrated, as little faked and sensitive as macaques, yet the Italian media adore them as if they had talent,” tweeted at zero height.. another overly critical. However, all the negative posts, in turn, are heavily criticized by the artist’s fans, who also defend him for his philosophy of life with a sword.