Jova Beach Party: Among the guests Boomdabash, Salmo and Gianni Morandi? Huge web

VASTO MARINA. We are now a few hours from launch jova beach party, the most awaited musical event of this Vasto Summer 2022 that will host it more than 40 thousand spectators overall over the two days and from neighboring regions and beyond.

Friday and Saturday It will be the event, so the concert is double where Jovanotti, accompanied by various national and international guests, will perform on the 3 stages set up on the beach between the Pontile and the Lido of Acapulco.

According to different rumours, to take part in the concert on the two dates, artists such as Boomdabash and the couple Takagi & Ketra could be present due to the Vasto origin of the musician Fabio Clemente, together with Salmo, protagonist of one of his performances also in Abruzzo. and Gianni Morandi, both of whom have already welcomed guests to Lorenzo Cherubini’s at previous appointments. In addition, there can also be Merk and Kremont.

The concert takes place on both days and starts at Around 3:00 p.mWith the opening of the gates is scheduled for 1:30 p.mand closes Around 11pm.

In addition to the organizers, the singing staff will also be involved in the show on the Piazza della Guardia Costiera more than 200 operators between local police, civil defence, security and volunteers called in to provide security and management services.

On the occasion of At the concert we will remind you of the most important points of the organizational procedures that have been initiated:


In between prohibitions We point out the practicality for the heavy vehicles the Statale 16, starting at 10:00 a.m. both days until the end of the run-out.

You can pass them on SS16 only in Driving direction north-southstarting from the intersection with Via Trave to the roundabout with the intersection with Via Grasceta and the street it will be completely closedalso for cars, from 11.30 p.m.

In addition, a special note is being prepared to help understand the alternative routes to this section on both the southern and northern tips.


The parking lots There will be more than 9,000, all for a fee. They have been established in the north and south of our city as follows: Industrial area Punta Penna / Punta Aderci, former airfield (area Incoronata), Park Moscato via del Porto, promenade Cordella Nord (area Bagnante), San Salvo industrial area Contrada Piane S. Angelo.

There are over a thousand, ie Happen reserved for residents, business owners and tourists who are reminded that they can leave their cars in the parking lot river placeif you don’t have a garage or electrical appliances.

While the shuttles 37 is provided and reserves the connection with Vasto Marina, the Vasto-San Salvo train station and the car parks free of charge.

Finally, that Restrictions on how alcohol is consumed.

With Decree No. 59, signed by the Mayor Francesco Menna, from 08:00 on Friday to 06:00 on Sunday it is forbidden to sell any kind of beverages in bottles or glass containers and with a higher alcohol content than take-away to professionals 11 degrees.