Joshua Carrion “Mr.  Cash” on his departure from TeleOnce: “What they did to me was a dirty trick”

Joshua Carrion “Mr. Cash” on his departure from TeleOnce: “What they did to me was a dirty trick”

the lecturer, Joshua Aasknown in the entertainment world as Mr. Cash The management’s decision was described as a “rogue”. TeleOnce by being removed from the channel without notice and unable to say goodbye to the audience.

Last Thursday, one of the channel’s producers, shortly after the broadcast of the program “The Mr. Cash Vault, now called The TeleOnce Vault‘ quoted Carrión as saying that his professional services contract as a talent with the network has been terminated. The decision left the animator cold and shocked as he believed he would be part of TeleOnce’s new program changes.

Next week the channel will start its new program block for the “Prime Time” and the night time slots and “La bóveda de TeleOnce” will have a season.

According to Carrión, although he knew management was in a process of change and renewal, having been notified that the program would continue at night, the presenter understood that he would remain in the room because he was attending the production meetings. about the new format, it was part of the photo session for the new season and by the day before “we had met to talk about plans for the program”.

I honestly have peace in my heart because my goal has always been for the show to continue to catch on, and the show has caught on because it’s in prime time. It was a cold decision and surprised me because they showed me that I would choose the program. There’s the villain because what they did to me was a villain. You didn’t act professionally. You should have told me from the start. “Look, Josué, that’s it, and you won’t have it in the new season‘” stated the animator, who inked a year-long deal with TeleOnce in August.

Carrión has spent less than six months in front of the TeleOnce screen since The TV Room premiered on March 1. The show aired Monday through Friday at 2:55 p.m. He assured that he had no regrets at TeleOnce and was satisfied with the work done.

The presenter said that he knows from experience on television that changes are a constant on the small screen, but in his opinion they “didn’t give the program enough room to develop because they changed the format after two months.” .

“After two months, they changed the original formula, which I had been working on for seven months to prepare, and two months after I was on the air, my contract as a talent with the producers was also changed. All the moves I made I gave the best public face, but it wasn’t the original production I originally proposed. That’s why the same people noticed the change and I worked very well with the whole team, but they weren’t part of this original proposal that I presented,” the moderator said, saying that the only talent he recommended attracting to the program , Luis Tomás Fontánez was better known as Morales “Finally”.

Carrión stated that he has no control over hiring talent and that his attendance on the show has declined in recent weeks compared to when the television space was in its infancy.

“I’ve always been very positive and I’ve always been polite with the production. I accepted all the changes and worked with all the talent, with the ground guys and coordinators. People are upset with (Lenard) Liberman’s decisions, but that’s who he is. The same thing happened to Francis that today’s program was canceled for today,” said Carrión, who said he received a solidarity call from Francis Rosas.

Lenard Liberman is President of Liberman Media Group and TeleOnce. He is responsible for restructuring the channel under the TeleOnce signal. Carrión pointed out that the behavior of the station’s management is to implement immediate cancellations such as the programs “Now it is” and “Acuéstate con Francis”.

Francis will not replace him

Carrión explained that besides what little he knows about the new season of TeleOnce’s Vault, producer and comedian Franz Rosen it will not replace it. He understands that the current talent will stay and that a new animator could come along.

What I really regret most is not being able to say goodbye to the audience. I asked the producers to do one last farewell show and the answer was no. I don’t understand the reasons,” concluded the presenter, who will continue for the time being in Puerto Rico and Florida, where he lives, waiting for some new projects that “if they happen, they will be very good”.