José Loreto, the Tadeu of ‘Pantanal’, premiered a film with his ex Débora Nascimento: see photos

It’s the year 2018. The new lovers José Loreto, Tadeu from the “Pantanal” and Rafa Kalimann were anything but successful. He was then married to Débora Nascimento and, together with his thenwife, was filming “Pacificado”, a film that will be released in cinemas this Thursday the 11th.

The story stars Debora Andrea, a chemist who has a troubled relationship with her daughter Tati (Cassia Gil), the protagonist of the story. The withdrawn 13yearold tries to get in touch with her father Jaca (Bukassa Kabengele) after he is released from prison while Rio’s favelas are occupied by the peace police. Loreto is Nelson, Jaca’s successor in the drug trade.

Debora Nascimento as Andrea in the film Débora Nascimento as Andrea in the film “Pacificado” Photo: Reproduction

Jose Loreto in the movie José Loreto in the film “Pacificado” Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Andrea (Débora Nascimento) and Jaca (Bukassa Kabengele) in the film Andrea (Débora Nascimento) and Jaca (Bukassa Kabengele) in the film “Pacificado” Photo: Reproduction

The film has already screened at festivals, including the São Paulo International Film Festival and the Rio Festival, both in 2019. And it has won awards too: Débora won the Best Actress category at the Aruanda Festival for her performance in Pacificado, also in 2019. The feature was written and directed by Paxton Winters.

Loreto and Débora dated from 2012 to 2019 and are parents to Bela who is currently 4 years old. Recently, the two appeared together in the film’s promotion and explained that there is maturity after a marriage breaks up.

Last weekend, Loreto and Rafa Kalimann took over their recently started relationship. Débora, on the other hand, has been single since she split from Marlon Teixeira in June this year.

José Loreeto and Debora Nascimento in the film José Loreeto and Débora Nascimento in the film “Pacificado” Photo: reproduction photos