Jose Loreto And Jade Picon Allegedly Caught Kissing In Camarote

José Loreto And Jade Picon Allegedly Caught Kissing In Camarote, Says Columnist; Globals p…

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José Loreto and Rafa Kalimann recently announced the end of their relationship

José Loreto and Jade Picon have yet to comment on the rumours© Playback/Instagram/@joseloreto @jadepiconJosé Loreto and Jade Picon have yet to comment on the rumours

Lately, Jose Loreto It is Raffa Kalimann announced the end of the relationship and the hiatus was marked by rumors about the relationship. At this carnival, the two were present in some Camarotes, but it was the actor who globe did well in space. Because according to columnist Gabriel Perline from the IG portal, Loreto and Jade Picon are said to have been caught kissing in the VIP area.

The lovebirds would have taken advantage of the room’s strong antipress system to get comfortable. This because accredited journalists They stay in place until midnight, when they can take photos and produce content. After work, everyone is invited to leave.

> Jade Picon was in Nosso Camarote da Marquês de Sapucaí (Reproduction/Instagram/@jadepicon)

Column sources revealed to Gabriel that the kisses were breathtaking and that the moment didn’t come from the mouths of the guests who witnessed the kissing cruise. Things get even more impressive after Jade Picon starts following her Jose Loreto this Monday (20.

So far, Jade and José have not commented on the kisses. The columnist also stressed that Rafa hopes to resume the relationship with the Vai na Fé actor, an intention that could be jeopardized after the artist’s passage cabin.

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