1693645229 Jose Emilio Fernandez keeps breaking Ana Barbaras heart

José Emilio Fernández keeps breaking Ana Bárbara’s heart

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – NOVEMBER 12: Ana Bárbara speaks during the press conference announcing the “Mi Revancha Tour” at the Metropolitan Theater on November 12, 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico.  (Photo by Adrian Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Ana Bárbara has been nominated five times for the Latin Grammy, an award she received in 2005 for her album “Loca de amar” in the “Best Grupero Album” category (Source: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

The private life of Ana Barbara was broadcast again to the press and by someone very close to her: Jose Emilio Fernandezthe son of the late Mariana Levy, who has directly accused the singer’s partner of being a rapist.

It is strange that it is the young man who makes public a situation that, as he says, many people know and have seen up close, but that, as he emphasizes, he does so because of the fear that this man evokes in them , is the one who reveals them Angel Muñozan aspiring actor and former immigration officer with whom the Grupera queen has been in a relationship for almost a decade.

The strangeness lies in this Let José Emilio be Ana Bárbara’s “defender” because there has been no connection between him and the artist for years.a distancing that was likely made worse when he confessed weeks ago that he had tried (or thought about) blackmailing the “Bandido” performer in the past.

José Emilio is the son of Mariana Levy and José María Fernández, el Pirru, who were also parents of a girl, Paula. After the actress’s death, Pirru began a relationship with Ana Bárbara (they married a year later) and a few weeks later they began living together as a family, which also included the singer’s son, Emiliano Gallardo Ugalde. The interpreter took a break from her career to take care of the businessman’s children as well as her own and to welcome a new member, her son José María.

The marriage lasted only four years, but the artist maintained contact with Talina Fernández’s grandchildren, a gesture for which the late host was always grateful. “(José Emilio) came into my life on his first birthday, I was already his mother, I gave him all the bottles, I slept with him, I bathed him, everything, like a mother,” said Ana Bárbara in one Interview with María Patricia Castañeda.

The same did not happen with Pirru, with whom he maintains distance due to an alleged misunderstanding that arose when he tried to claim the assets his mother inherited from him.

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“I went to court and as I was sorting out all the inheritance issues, I realized that my father had an arrest and eviction order issued by the judge. He believes it was me, he believes I was the one who kicked him out of the house,” he said in an interview with Ventaneando.

Actually, The legacy left by Mariana Levy was the catalyst for the 19-year-old young man who claims to be an entrepreneur to begin appearing in the media and making controversial statements..

Talina Fernández made no secret of her dissatisfaction with her grandson after accusing her older sister María (daughter of Mariana and Ariel López Padilla) of preventing her from taking possession of her inheritance. “He can say anything (…) I didn’t raise him. “José Emilio stayed for eight months when my daughter died, so he didn’t get the education that we all have,” the host said.

Given the events of the last few days, Fernández’s words and his disappointment make more sense.

It was in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in which José Emilio expressed the alleged abuse suffered by two of Ana Bárbara’s three other children, Emiliano Gallardo Ugalde (22 years old) and José María Fernández Ugalde, alias Chema ( 16). Jerónimo (11), the youngest and whose father is the singer Reyli Barba, would probably have some pity from Muñoz.

On several occasions, the singer referred to her current partner as a second father to her three children: “He left his soul behind, making it clear that a father is the one who puts the love of the soul above the so-called blood bond.”

According to Pirru’s son, none of this was true and what motivated his distancing from the artist.

“I realized how Ángel mistreated my brothers. It didn’t seem like anything to me, not only Chema but also Emiliano; He did treat Jerónimo a little badly, but not so much, I think since he is the smallest, the one who cared for him more and educated him more from a young age. I think he liked him, but not Chema and Emiliano,” he accused.

According to him, his half-brother Chema was the one who had the upper hand and for this reason, one day her father Pirru came to the minor’s aid and was threatened by Ana Bárbara’s fiancé. “The one he treated the worst was Chema. I remember Chema coming to me at a young age and telling me that Ángel had told him pure insults and bad things about my father. I have never said bad things about my father in my life.” with José María. “From a young age he started telling himself bad things about my father, treating him terribly” through military control and surveillance that invaded the privacy of his bedroom.

The teenager now lives with his father in Cuernavaca, Morelos, next to his sister Paula.

About Emiliano, whom she also calls brother, she says that he disappeared from the singer’s life due to a quarrel with Ángel, when he insulted the little Chema, and that he eventually ran away from the house she had in the United States have. The young man would live with a few women, former employees of the interpreter.

Fernández Levy insists that if he is the only one who has spoken out against Ángel, it is out of love for “his mother” Ana Bárbara and that, in his opinion, she ignores this abuse in her busy schedule. job you have.

“Don’t let love blind you. I love you very much, I will always wish you the best, but I want you to realize it, to open your eyes. I want to apologize for saying these things about Ángel, but no more.” Nothing seemed fair to my brother, especially because he is a minor and does not have the voice to speak and defend himself, but it is necessary for her to open her eyes and realize who she is with and that I am always there for her. To love and appreciate everything she has done, I will always consider her as my mother,” he added.

Few believe his concern is sincere.

In the comments on both videos, some users highlighted José Emilio’s immaturity: “He knows that he is an immature young man and that later he will regret what he says, whether it is true or not”, “how sad, that Emilio does that.” I don’t have the maturity to clarify everything with Ana Bárbara. If he really loves his mother, he should not cause controversy.” gave him only love and affection and José Emilio should have a little respect for him.


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