Elizabeth Alvarez and Jorge Salinas reunite for Valentines Day goodbye

Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez resurface on Valentine’s Day after cheating with a nutritionist

  • Jorge Salinas cheated on his wife Elizabeth Álvarez with her nutritionist and we caught them kissing.
  • Elizabeth had remained silent after the scandal, but on February 14, she revealed she forgave her husband with a release that drove fans mad.
  • Elizabeth Álvarez wished her husband Happy Valentine’s Day, her first message after the scandal.

Later The doctor confirmed that there was a kiss and the actor mentioned that he still lives in his house after a rumor circulated that his wife told him, “I don’t know who told you, but I still live in my house, I always live.” nor with my family and that’s all I have to tell them,” he said in his first meeting with the press after the scandal.

A few days of Elizabeth Álvarez and Jorge Salinas reappeared in social networks this 14th of February celebrate their love.

Elizabeth Álvarez celebrates with Jorge Salinas after scandal on February 14:

“LOVE (AMOR)” was the message the actress shared with the photo, in which the actor can be seen kissing his wife on the cheek while she smiles.

This is how Elizabeth Álvarez congratulated Jorge Salinas on Valentine’s Day, which is this first publication of the actress with her husband after Scandal with the nutritionist.

Elizabeth Álvarez surprises Jorge Salinas on Valentine's Day

The couple received Happy tidings to see them together“That ch*ngao, long live love”, “beautiful, may the light of love and luck ever shine and keep you together today, tomorrow and always. You are very much loved and admired”, “beautiful couple”, “how beautiful, Happy Valentine’s Day” and many hearts flooded the publication’s comments.

Elizabeth Álvarez surprises Jorge Salinas on Valentine's Day