Jonah Hill will no longer promote his films to ‘protect’ his sanity.

Jonah Hill will no longer promote his films to ‘protect’ his sanity.

Jonah Hill will no longer promote his films to protect

Actor Jonah Hill, best known for his roles in Django Unchained or Don’t Look Up, has decided to stop promoting his films to “protect” his sanity. Hill, 38, will not attend any public events or appear in the media to promote his new productions because these situations “exacerbate his anxiety attacks,” the interpreter said in an open letter released by the trade media Deadline .

“You won’t see me out there promoting this film or any of my upcoming films while I take this important step to protect myself,” argues the interpreter. The film he is referring to is Slutz, a documentary he directs and stars in, in which he talks to his therapist about the panic attacks he has been struggling with for the past 20 years. It is clear from your letter that this is by no means a one-off decision that only affects this project. Hill also won’t be promoting the Netflix comedy You People, which he produced, co-wrote and starred in.

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Slutz, who will be appearing at various festivals this fall, takes a close look at the pressure on the well-known faces of the film industry and how it affects them personally. The interpreter describes it as “a journey of self-discovery” that he hopes will “serve as therapy and provide tools to a wide audience.” Despite his mental health struggles, the American actor was motivated by the future of his big screen career, stating that he won’t stop working “while he battles anxiety.” Jonah Hill is famous for his comedic side, but he’s a respected actor. He was twice nominated for an Academy Award for his roles in Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, and his first film as a director, In the 90s, received favorable reviews.

“I’m usually embarrassed by these types of letters or communications,” Hill explained in his letter, “but I understand that I’m one of the privileged few who can afford to take some time off. I will not lose my job while working on my fear. With this letter and with Stutz, I hope to make it more normal for people to talk and act about these things, so they can take steps to feel better about themselves, and so that the people in their lives can understand their problems more clearly. I hope the work speaks for itself.”

Jonah Hill’s gesture got people talking about his next project, but more importantly mental health, in an environment that isn’t designed for it like Hollywood. However, he’s not the only one who’s made a step forward lately. Just a few weeks ago, Shawn Mendes canceled his Wonder: The World Tour due to mental health issues. Adele did the same with her show in Las Vegas. The singer admitted in a recent interview that she sought therapy to overcome an emotional hump. In recent years, the taboo surrounding mental health has been breaking and many celebrities have recognized their struggles. From Demi Lovato to Catherine Zeta Jones, both of whom have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, to the panic attacks Emma Stone or Reese Witherspoon have confessed to suffering.