Jolie  Pitt divorce, Angelina accuses ex  husband: “Brad insulted and hit me”

Jolie Pitt divorce, Angelina accuses ex husband: “Brad insulted and hit me”

by Viviana Mazza

Following the FBI lawsuit, new details are emerging about what the actress told investigators about the fight, which took place on a plane in September 2016

NEW YORK — It has always been said that a September 2016 episode sparked Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt. The actor was under investigation by both Los Angeles Children’s Services and the FBI for alleged verbal and physical abuse against his wife and children, particularly 15-year-old Maddox, as the family flew back to Los Angeles from France on a private plane. Five days later, Jolie filed for divorce and sole custody of their six children. Sources close to Pitt told People magazine that he was drunk (in an interview with GQ, the actor said he stopped drinking after the accident) and that an argument with his son would get out of control: he had him in get the fingers but denied hitting him. Two months later, the FBI closed the investigation.

Last April, Jolie filed anonymity with the FBI, demanding all the files on the case and an explanation as to why the investigation was dropped. Despite anonymity, for months everyone had believed that the plaintiff identified as Jane Doe was her; Now the American media have confirmed this after seeing the FBI report and releasing new details about what the actress told investigators. According to Jolie, her husband drank and poured beer and wine over her and an armchair during the trip, ordered $25,000 in damages and accused one of the sons of being like the damn Columbine boys (the ones who committed the massacre in the US). Colorado School) and criticized her wife’s education. The pair would have gone to the back of the jet to argue. Jolie says her husband yelled at her, shook her, took her head in his hands and slammed the jet roof four times. One of the sons is said to have witnessed the scene and asked: Mom, are you okay?. And the father: No, she’s not doing well. He’s ruining this family. crazy. Someone would have said, Not her, you asshole, whereupon Jolie would have grabbed her husband by the neck, scratched him to keep him from attacking, and he would have pushed her against a wall. The report includes photos of the actress’ injuries to a hand and elbow.

When Angelina underwent a double mastectomy in 2013, Brad wrote a letter calling her absolutely heroic. She replied that she was lucky to have a partner who had been by her side every minute of the surgery for the past three months. Three years later, their 14-year relationship (two marriages) was over. But Brangelina’s legal battle continues. The focus is on custody of the children: the moment she has custody, he sees her for therapeutic visits. Brad sued Angelina in February for selling his half of the French vineyard they married on, Chteau Miraval, to a Russian oligarch without informing him. Now Jolie says she did not have access to all of the FBI files, while sources close to Pitt claim they received both of them six years ago and accuse them of wanting to go public just to tarnish their reputation.

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