Jojo Todynho impresses with new look and warns her husband: ‘It will pay off’

Jojo Todynho impresses with new look and warns her husband: ‘It will pay off’

Jojo Todynho debuts new look and fans agree Reproduction/Instagram

Jojo Todynho debuts a new look and fans agreeReproduction/Instagram

Published on 06/15/2022 20:49 | Updated on 06/15/2022 21:38

Rio Jojo Todynho surprised his followers with a new look on his social networks this Wednesday. In a video posted to Instagram, the singer reveals that she has adopted straight hair with longer strands reaching almost to her waist. In addition to showing off the lighter locks, the artist also used the recording to message her husband Lucas Souza.

“I want to know how you’re going to pay this bill here… Imagine being in the ‘Pantanal’ and coming out like LeĆ“ncio, galloping, pulling the horse by the reins,” fired the Funkeira, making a double Joke referring to the character played by Marcos Palmeira in the 1990 remake of the soap opera.

While cutting faces and mouths, Jojo showed off her hair in several poses and explained why she decided to refresh the look: “I had a cold on the back of my neck and said ‘calm down, I’ll be warm soon’ and then I pin that hair of millions. Forget it!” she fired, still tossing her hair from side to side, inspired by singer Joelma.

In the comments, fans and friends praised the singer for making the change, starting with Jojo’s own husband. “What is this wonderful woman? All mine,” wrote Lucas Souza, who also chimed in on his lover’s joke: “You still owe me.” “Too wonderful! Let’s get lots of hair done!” Joelma said. “Everything! I loved it,” commented Naiara Azevedo. “Burst,” added Deolane Bezerra.