Johnny Depp worries about his health They find him passed

Johnny Depp worries about his health; They find him passed out in his hotel. What happened to him? The sanity of Mexico

Actor Johnny Depp has raised alarm among his fans after it was revealed that the famous actor was found passed out in his hotel room in Hungary, according to the portal

He is also on tour with his band as a musician in Europe hollywood vampires, However, due to the fainting spells, the artist was unable to perform in Hungary.

It all happened on July 18th when Johnny Depp was found unconscious in his hotel room, which is why they had to call the doctor to treat him.

This happened a few hours after the band’s performance at the Laszlo Papp Budapest Sports ArenaTherefore, the organizers canceled the concert immediately.

So far it is not known what happened to Johnny Depp as his band Hollywood Vampires continues to tour Europe despite trying to reschedule the show they were unable to do in Hungary.

Johnny Depp’s fans have expressed their concerns about the singer’s health, however, neither the artist nor his representative have spoken about the cancellation of his concert, nor about the reasons why the actor would have passed out.