John Travolta, the tragedy of those hours: the sad memory of the actor |  Devastating Grief    Kronic

John Travolta, the tragedy of those hours: the sad memory of the actor | Devastating Grief Kronic

John Travolta and the tragedy that struck the world and the actor in particular: here are the details of the story

One of the actors who made history with the role of Denny Zucco in the popular historical musical Grease, year 1978 is just him, John Travolta. He gained international fame with the previous film “Saturday Night Fever” and received an Oscar nomination for best actor for both films. Today, however, he must face a bitter memory through the loss of a loved one

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From a young age he loved to perform in various plays with his brothers and at the age of twelve he was encouraged by his parents to take tap dancing lessons from Fred Kelly, brother of the famous Gene. In 1971, after attending Dwight Morrow High School, he dropped out of college to pursue an artistic career. Exactly this year the turning point: he is elected to the touring company of the musical Grease.

Thanks to this musical, he achieves a great success that takes him across the United States until he moves to Los Angeles to continue his acting career. In 1975 he succeeded in his first role in the film The Evil One. At just twenty-two, the young man is chosen to star in the cast of the famous TV series The Saturday Night Boys, in which he plays Vinnie Barbarino, an Italian student with a poetic streak who enjoys insulting his neighbor in rhymes.

Enthusiastic about Travolta’s theatrical performance, director Badham is inspired by his interpretation and chooses him as the protagonist for his next film “Saturday Night Fever”, in which the actor manages to raise his profile. The success was repeated in 1978 when he was chosen to play the famous Denny Zukko in the film Grease alongside Olivia Newton-John. The film is unprecedented, a smash hit: the film received five Golden Glob nominationsand in 1979 the soundtrack sold over 25 million copies worldwide, the best-selling in music history.

Unfortunately, on Monday August 8th, news left an indelible mark on the world: the disappearance of the beautiful Sandy, played by her, Olivia Newton-John.

John Travolta’s memory of his Sandy

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To move the web for the death of beloved Sandy, the most influential cinema character of all time, the beauty Olivia Newton-John is the embassy of John Travolta.

The actor’s Instagram message left the whole world speechless and she was particularly saddened: “Dear Olivia, you have made our lives so much better. Her impact was incredible. I adore you. We will see each other on the way and we will be together again. I was yours from the moment I saw you and I will be yours forever. Your Danny, your John”.