Joelma’s daughter is convicted after failing to pay for a property in a luxury condominium  Splash

Joelma’s daughter is convicted after failing to pay for a property in a luxury condominium Splash

Natália Sarraff, 32, daughter of singer Joelma, 48, has been ordered by the Goiás judiciary to pay a debt on a property in the luxury Aldeia do Vale residential complex in Goiânia.

According to the process, what happened:

  • The property was sold to Joelma in 2019 for BRL 3.7 million, but the contract was signed on Natália’s behalf;
  • According to the authors, it was agreed to pay a deposit of R$ 120,000 in 11 monthly installments, which was not paid in full;
  • Furthermore, the ownership would have been abandoned and the plaintiffs proved that Natália failed to pay expenses such as IPTU, condominium, water and energy while in possession of the house;
  • Natália suggested paying R$100,000 in ten installments to complete the cancellation, claiming that she had not made any payments due to the pandemic;
  • The owners of the plot did not accept the proposal and filed a lawsuit against the singer’s daughter.

Judge Patrícia Dias Bretas did not accept Natália’s justification regarding the pandemic. The judge stressed that Natália stopped making payments in 2019 before the country’s state of disaster was decreed in March 2020.

The judge ordered Natália to pay more than R$500,000 for the debt. The decision stipulates that Natália must pay a fine of 10% of the value of the property, i.e. R$375,000, plus compensation, which is also based on the value of the house, property damage, legal costs and attorney’s fees.

There is no vocation. The decision dates from August last year and became final in September.

What Joelma’s advice says: “We inform you that it is not a question of default in payment or nonperformance, but of a withdrawal from the contract due to a withdrawal from the purchase, which came about by mutual agreement between the parties. In this case, the procedure only relates to the analysis of contract cancellation clauses. It does not follow from this that there will be an enforcement, since the judgment still requires the liquidation of assets that have not yet been assessed,” the singer said in a note.