Joe Jonas breaks silence after Sophie claims he is withholding

Joe Jonas breaks silence after Sophie claims he is withholding children’s passports – Hindustan Times

Singer Joe Jonas has responded after his estranged wife and actress Sophie Turner filed a lawsuit against him for refusing to allow their daughters to return to their native England. released a statement citing Joe’s rep. In the lawsuit, Sophie Turner claimed that Joe had the children’s passports with him. Joe and Sophie have two children – three-year-old Willa and another 14-month-old daughter. (Also read | Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas for refusing to let her children return to her home country of England a few days after their separation)

“Sophie knew Joe was going to file for divorce.”

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The statement shared by People said: “After several conversations with Sophie, Joe initiated divorce proceedings in Florida, as Florida is the relevant jurisdiction for the case.” Sophie was aware that Joe would file for divorce. The Florida court has already issued an order prohibiting both parents from placing the children. This order was delivered to Sophie on September 6, 2023, more than two weeks ago.”

It continued: “Last Sunday Joe and Sophie had a warm meeting in New York when Sophie came to New York to be with the children. They have been with her since that meeting. Joe’s impression of the meeting was that they had agreed to work together on an amicable co-parenting arrangement.”

“Sophie shared that she wanted to take children to the UK permanently”

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The statement goes on to say that less than 24 hours after agreeing on “amicable co-parenting”, Sophie “informed that she wanted to bring the children to the UK permanently. She then demanded in that file that Joe release the children’s passports so she could take them out of the country immediately. If he complies, Joe will be in violation of the Florida court’s order.”

“The children were not kidnapped”

It said that Joe “aspires to co-educate the children so that they are raised by both their mother and father, and of course also agrees that the children be raised in both the US and the UK. It added that the children “have lived most of their lives in the United States.” “This is an unfortunate legal disagreement over a marriage that is sadly ending. Using phrases like “kidnapping” is misleading at best and a serious abuse of the legal system at worst. “The children were not kidnapped,” it continues.

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“After being in Joe’s care for the past three months by mutual consent of both parties, the children are currently with their mother. “Sophie is only making this claim to move the divorce proceedings to the UK and permanently remove the children from the US,” it continued.

“Joe has already denied any statements that were allegedly made on his behalf that were derogatory to Sophie. They were made without his consent and are not in accordance with his views. “His wish is that Sophie reconsiders her harsh legal situation and moves forward in a better position in a constructive and private manner. His only concern is the well-being of his children,” the statement concludes. Sophie and Joe filed for divorce on September 5 after four years of marriage.

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