Joe Biden, watch his movements: the video that worries the US

Joe Biden, watch his movements: the video that worries the US

Joe Biden watch his movements the video that worries the

Another catch for Joe Biden. The President of the United States had to deal with his jacket. As Biden exited his Marine One helicopter returning from a meeting with flood-affected families in Kentucky, he struggled to find his jacket sleeve. The video published online shows how the US President tries in vain to put his other arm in his jacket. The First Lady had to remember to rush to his rescue Jill Biden. She is the one who helps her husband get dressed.

Joe Biden, it's not us: the last confusing sentence.  The US is surprised

Done here? Not even for a dream: A few moments later, as Ms. Biden runs in front of her husband, the President’s famous aviator glasses, precariously balancing on the mask, fall to the asphalt. All little things that make Americans think there can be no other candidacy for Biden.

Joe Biden, Flash Reinfection:

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The 79-year-old is no stranger to unexpected events, gaffes and much more. As a result, many are wondering if he can still lead the country. Just keep thinking about it he accidentally read the hunchbackalso adding the hints given to him by the staff that he should never have given in public.

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