Joe Biden is the most unpopular US President in decades

Joe Biden is the most unpopular US President in decades

The US president’s popularity fell below 40% and stood at 38%, according to a poll released this Friday by Gallup amid the Democratic leader’s plans to run for the presidency in 2024.

This makes Biden the most unpopular president in the sixth half of Dwight Eisenhower’s (1953-1961) term.

59% of Americans polled disapprove of the White House tenant’s management, with 45% “strongly disapproving” of its performance, compared to 13% who “strongly approve.”

On the other hand, poll numbers among independent voters have fallen to an all-time low of 31%, although the president still has a 78% approval rating among his Democratic Party peers. Meanwhile, approval ratings among Republican Party members remain low (5%).

Public support for Biden has been falling since June 2021 when it was 56%. Since then, its image has deteriorated with the chaotic withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan, rising gas prices, record inflation and ongoing problems in the country’s supply chain.

A new mandate?

The results of the poll were released the same day the White House tenant announced his plans to run for president in the 2024 election: “The President intends to run in 2024 for the details of each election poll,” said the spokeswoman for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre.

At the same time, a recent Decision Desk HQ poll found that more than 60% of US citizens polled do not want Biden to run again. Among the Democrats polled, 30% said he should stay out of the next presidential election.