João Gomes’ show in Recife has trawlers, gunfire and confusion;  Watch the video  É Hit

João Gomes’ show in Recife has trawlers, gunfire and confusion; Watch the video É Hit

A row of confusion, fights and possible gunshots would have been recorded this Wednesday night (17th) in the Marco Zero area of ​​Recife, where the recording of the singer’s first DVD took place. João Gomes. Thousands of people attended the venue for the presentation, which was free of charge.

The images were obtained from TV Globo and published this Thursday (18) by portal G1. According to the publication, theft, robberies, muggings and shootings were reported in some areas of the party.

João Gomes’ trawler offers small offenders an income opportunity.
That’s why I don’t go to street events here in Recife, we don’t have security.

— Thyago Silva (@thyagosiIva) August 18, 2022

In videos shared on social networks, the public appears to be walking what has been called a trawler on social networks. Gunshots can also be heard on one of the recordings, people shouting “Calm down” and others seek shelter on the awnings of buildings.

in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, in the central area of ​​Recife, young people were seen running in the middle of the street. Still near Ground Zero, a stampede began in the plaza and police dispersed the public with nonlethal weapons.

Burn DVDs

João Gomes’ concert at Marco Zero was performed for the recording of the DVD “Acredite”. A traffic regulation with the closure of streets, avenues and bridges has been put in place to support the structure of the event.

For this reason, a reinforcement of the police, with more than 300 p.min addition to the men hired by the production team, took place on Wednesday evening (17).

According to G1, military police have not yet confirmed whether a trawler was at the scene or whether there were injured persons. But according to the mobile emergency service three people injured were hit.


According to the preliminary reports and investigations, five people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the crimes, according to the Social Defense Secretariat (SDS). This Thursday (18), the civil and military police reported that there were twelve incidents of theft or loss of items during the event.

Those arrested were charged with property crimes and involvement in riots at the Central de Plantões da Capital in the Campo Grande neighborhood of the North Zone and at the Rio Branco Police Station in the Recife neighborhood. According to SDS, they were released to respond at liberty.

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