João Gomes attracts audiences with special performances in the show in Marco Zero do Recife  Folha de Pernambuco

João Gomes attracts audiences with special performances in the show in Marco Zero do Recife Folha de Pernambuco

A crowd occupied the Bairro do Recife yesterday afternoon to record singer João Gomes’ DVD ‘Acredite’. The 360degree stage set up at Marco Zero welcomed fans from all over the world who had been waiting for the show to start early. Under the watchful eyes and much fear of the audience, the just 20yearold singer from Pernambuco, born in Serrita, emerged from a mud house next to the stage and sang the song “Verso”.

story told

The structure with walls and clay bricks attracted the attention of the presentation from the beginning. There, cacti and typical Sertão furniture brought even more reality to the space, which is reminiscent of the singer’s childhood home. He followed the performance with the songs “Dengo”, “Maybe”, “Pode Maltratar” and “Mundo todo”, to the delight of the audience.

In the frontstage area, family members followed everything. The singer’s mother, Karla Jordânia Gomes, 40, recalled her son’s first fee at a 50person party in the interior was 1,000 reais. “And he said, ‘Mom, look how happy I am. And asked me if I needed anything, she recalled thanking her fans for going this route. Grandma Josilene was proud of her grandson on her father’s side. “This recording is very beautiful. I was with him at a show in São Paulo, but I’m more excited here.

The idea of ​​the DVD is to reproduce the story of the singer, starting with Serrita in the Sertão of Pernambuco and passing through Petrolina.

The stage project fulfilled the mission of having gigantic proportions and details rarely seen in the Recife neighborhood. Read 30 meters in front with a 26 meter catwalk and another 24 meters to the side where João Gomes moved between his band, the accordionist and the euphoric audience. Country elements were everywhere, like the cactusshaped walkway.

Special Holdings

Since announcing the recording of “Acredite” in Recife, João Gomes has raised fan expectations for the presence of guest artists. Raimundo Fagner from Ceará was the first to enter the stage. They sang “Slides” and “Bubbles of Love”. “The success is deserved. Thanks,” Fagner said. “And he dances a good Arretado Piseiro, I just didn’t want to show you guys,” joked João Gomes.

The second partnership was with singer Yara Tchê, followed by Vanessa da Mata singing the hits “Você e eu” and “Amado”. Also eagerly awaited was rapper L7nnon, who interpreted “ai, preto,” who had to repeat his performance on stage due to an invasion of a fan. In fact, the rain and the harassment of the fans delayed the recordings. Tarcisio do Acordeon, one of JG’s first partners, also attended and slimmed down. “Only I know what this guy went through in his life. And it’s hard to sing when you want to cry,” he said. Singer Victor Fernandes also completed the team of announced artists.

large proportions

This popularity is new and has been conquered by the two released albums the debut “Eu Tem a Senha” (2021) and “Digo ou Não Digo” (2022) which highlight the Pisadinha genre well. Success also on social networks and streaming platforms. There are almost seven million listeners on Spotify and the only Brazilian in the platform’s TOP 50 in 2021.

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