JNE, ONPE and the US Embassy held a discussion on the independence of electoral bodies

JNE, ONPE and the US Embassy held a discussion on the independence of electoral bodies

To meet. The President of National Election Jury (JNE), Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, the head of the National Office for Electoral Processes (ONPE), Piero Corvetto and the representative of US Embassy (USA) in our country, Lisa Kennamet this Wednesday the 15th.

As reported by the American Embassy On her Twitter account, Peruvian officials met with Lisa Kenna for a conversation about “the importance of ensuring the independence of electoral bodies.” Meeting took place as part of the Regional and municipal elections 2022 of our country, which will be celebrated in October this year.

“The authorities of the electoral system held an important meeting with the US Ambassador. Lisa Kennain which they discussed issues related to the attacks on the electoral bodies and the importance of ensuring their independence,” said the JNE in their social networks.

Piero Corvetto, Jorge Salas and Lisa Kenna held a meeting where they discussed the “importance of ensuring the independence of electoral bodies”. Photo: Twitter recording

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JNE and ONPE representatives were intimidated by Congress

In recent weeks, some lawmakers have announced lawsuits against Jorge Luis Salas Arenas and Piero Corvetto over conflicting sections of the opposition in that state power.

For example the bank popular action threatened the leaders of the JNE, ONPE and Reniec that they would be sued before the Congressional Allegations Subcommittee not apply the electoral counter-reform which they have promoted from their party, which benefits them directly by registering after the pre-candidate deadline for the eMunicipal and regional education 2022.

Piero Corvetto and Jorge Salas lead the electoral bodies of Peru: the ONPE and the JNE respectively. Photo: Composition/ The Republic/ Diffusion

On the other hand, Jorge Montoya of Renovación Popular confronted the President of the JNE with issuing a letter Maria del Carmen AlvaSpeaker of the national parliament to request that the work of the commission of inquiry into the 2021 general election be annulled.

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“Their days will be numbered and their manipulations will not go unpunished because they have defied the will of the people and that will not be forgiven but sanctioned in the most drastic way. I trust that the competent authorities will use the instruments of the law to condemn these acts,” he said in a statement published on his social networks.

Montoya issued this statement despite the recommendation of the Office of the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to sanction acts of violence against the representative of the highest electoral body.