JMP Events Pleasure according to Jean Marc Parent

JMP Events | Pleasure according to Jean-Marc Parent

Just because he’s holding his famous JMP event at Just for Laughs for two nights doesn’t mean Jean-Marc Parent will stay home and worry. The humorous marathon runner spent part of last week criss-crossing Quebec in his RV to recharge before taking the stage at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier this Saturday and Sunday.

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“I can’t say I’m super chilled, but my head spins 100 mph year-round,” says the comedian over the phone. “In the evenings I go to the Évènement JMP to have fun. It is important that the 3200 people who are present every evening have a great evening, that they are fascinated. Honestly, if the shows aren’t being filmed for TV, I don’t get nervous! I just enjoy it! »

Hosting these shows is like driving an F-18: it’s fast, but I shoot when I want! It’s exhilarating! When there’s an emptiness, my head spins fast! I need that adrenaline!

Jean Marc Parent

For the twelfth time, the 61-year-old comedian will thread the anecdotes “for at least three to three and a half hours” at these events, which bear his initials. While viewers are left in the dark as to when they’re leaving, the comedian feels the same way: “I never really know in advance how long the show is going to be. I do not care. But I’m not old enough to be on stage 24 hours a day! »

The largely impromptu shows are spiced up with performances by guest artists: in this case, singer Nadja and comedian Eddy King.

In short, the basis of the party that remains the JMP event will not change. The difference will be more in the anecdotes told. Specifically, a situation that happened to him last April while he was picking up his assistant at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “It was in the middle of a storm, the road was flooded and I thought like a real Ti-Coq I could get through! I managed to sink the truck and swam between the snakes. They weren’t boas or anacondas, but they were still gross! I’m really turned! I was really wondering what I was doing there…”

This mishap will take up much of his show. “As I told this story, I realized I had a good number and everyone was tight around me! »

“My head can’t stand still”

More of his favorite topics are discussed: age (the comedian still can’t believe he’s reached his venerable age), travel, health…

His performance has also caused him some problems lately: he has had to postpone two shows – one in Brossard, the other in Val-d’Or – due to the “painful” passage of his 27th kidney stone of his career. Other than that, everything is fine, he says. And as long as he is healthy, Jean-Marc Parent wants to keep working.

In November he will end the tour with his latest show “Utopia”. Next summer will be devoted to performances at a dozen festivals in the province. A new show will follow in 2025, which will take a different form than the previous ones. “Utopia will be my last show written to the letter and fully placed. In the next part I want to present a mix of what I’ve done in the past. I can tell a story that is 20 years old but I have a new perspective on it. There will be more room for improvisation. »

If he doesn’t mind slowing down a bit, he doesn’t want to think about full retirement. “I would spend too much time looking at myself. I can’t stop my head… Even my doctors tell me! »

For the rest, his summer promises to be quite pleasant: “A lot of camping in the camper van, a lot of motorcycling, eating out with friends, barbecuing.” Nothing complicated. »

In short, what a pleasure. Just like diving without a net in front of 3200 spectators on a crowded Place des Arts!

Exhibition at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on July 22nd and 23rd at 8pm.