JLo’s way of always looking spectacular in the photos

JLo’s way of always looking spectacular in the photos

Jennifer López is a singer, actress, dancer, and businesswoman of Puerto Rican descent but naturalized American. She is considered one of the most important artists of all time and has sold more than 50 million records in her solo career. A few weeks ago he confirmed his marriage to actor Ben Affleck and also in his account InstagramShe’s in charge of showing why she’s one of the most beautiful women out there and sharing details on how to look incredible in every photo.

Last June 8th JLo released her own documentary titled Halftime, available on Netflix, which chronicles the singer’s entire story from her early days to her participation in the Superbowl halftime show. However, fans were expecting to see details from the Bronx diva’s love life, but it reveals other aspects like the obstacles the actress had to overcome, her relationship with her parents and also her children.

Jennifer Lopez and her incredible figure. Source Instagram @jlo

Since the end of last year Jennifer Lopez She was reunited with her boyfriend in 2002, and it’s Ben Affleck. After several separate relationships, the actors reunited and quickly confirmed their love through marriage. The wedding took place in Las Vegas, and the honeymoon in Paris, where the actor was photographed falling asleep.

Jennifer Lopez He has more than 220 million followers on his Instagram account and through his posts he aims to show that he remains one of the most important personalities around and that at 53 his body is enviable. The Bronx diva shared some secrets to looking good in photos with Photoshop and some effects. That doesn’t mean he has a great figure, though.

JLo and the negligence where she wears a belt. Instagram source

Nevertheless, JLo She suffered a minor accident in which she was observed wearing a belt underneath the tight black dress she was wearing. The incident happened while Ben Affleck’s new wife was on a yacht in Venice, Italy. A few days ago, the Bronx diva turned 53 and celebrated with an incredible photo shoot.