Jim Cramer Picks His Favorite Travel, Dining, Live Entertainment & Gym Stocks

Jim Cramer Picks His Favorite Travel, Dining, Live Entertainment & Gym Stocks

Jim Cramer explains what's driving the run on travel stocks

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Tuesday gave investors a list of stocks he thinks fit Americans’ spending habits after nibbling through the Covid pandemic for the past three years.

“The biggest issue is the rise of this ‘life is too short’ mentality. People don’t want to waste their time anymore,” he said.

More specifically, according to Cramer, investors should keep an eye on stocks in the travel, dining, live entertainment, and gym sectors.

Here are his tips:


Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines

  • “Just be careful and stick to those with good execution, which means stay away from Southwest Airlines – they’re ailing after a big vacation service outage,” he said.

Marriott International

  • The stock is still cheap despite its run since late September, according to Cramer.

Hilton worldwide

  • “I stopped by Hilton Worldwide, which is forecast for phenomenal 23% earnings growth this year,” he said.


Cramer said he expects Airbnb’s stock price to eventually reflect the company’s “excellent” business.


  • According to Cramer, the rental car company’s profit estimates for 2023 are too low.

American Express

  • He said he was a buyer of the stock at its current level.


Darden restaurants

  • Cramer said he likes that the company owns fine dining restaurants and has a portfolio that includes Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse and The Capital Grille.


  • The coffee maker’s mission to become where people spend most of their time away from home and office is compelling in the current era of hybrid work, he said.


  • Buying stock in food suppliers is another way to play in the restaurant industry, Cramer said.

live entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment

The company is growing “like weeds,” he said.

Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts

  • “I like them because they operate in both the US and China,” Cramer said.

VICI properties

  • He said investors could also go with Casino Real Estate Investment Trust for a live entertainment game in their portfolios.


  • Cramer said he likes the bowling center company as a more conservative option for investors.


Planet Fitness and Xponential Fitness

  • “I like Planet Fitness, you know that, but you have my blessing to speculate on Xponential Fitness…which is a higher risk, higher reward situation,” he said.

Disclaimer: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Starbucks.

Jim Cramer picks his favorite travel, restaurant, entertainment, and gym stocks

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