Jets Colin Kaepernick proposes his candidacy in an original way

Jets: Colin Kaepernick proposes his candidacy in an original way

It’s no secret that the New York Jets need a quarterback. Therefore, former NFL player Colin Kaepernick sent a cover letter to the team proposing his candidacy.

With Aaron Rodgers injured in the first game of the season, the Jets lacked depth behind center. Zach Wilson is doing what he can, but his efforts haven’t been enough to win his team the last two games.

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Several quarterbacks have offered their help to the Jets, who are reportedly looking for a veteran to back up their 24-year-old pivot. Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz reached out, but so did Kaepernick. The latter sent a letter to Joe Douglas, the franchise’s general manager, requesting a position on the practice squad.

“I would just do that to prepare the defense every week. […] “I would consider this a privilege and take on this responsibility with all the dedication and passion that I would have if I were the No. 1 quarterback,” he wrote.

A flawless plan?

Kaepernick, 35, hasn’t played in the NFL in six years but still practices five times a week. In 2016, the former San Francisco 49ers disgraced many by taking a knee during the American national anthem as one of the instigators of the protest movement against police brutality.

The one who still hasn’t announced his retirement hopes the Jets will find solutions, but if they can’t, he will be available to them.

“In a perfect world for the Jets, Zach Wilson finds his way and shows he is capable of leading this championship-caliber team you have built to the Super Bowl. I believe a confident Zach Wilson has the tools to do that. However, if this is not the case, I would like to offer you a risk-free contingency plan,” Kaepernick said.

“Worst case scenario, you see what I have to offer and you’re not impressed. In the best of all possible worlds, you realize you have a real weapon at your disposal when you need to use it.”

To make it more official, Kaepernick included a reference list that includes coaches Jim and John Harbraugh, Chip Kelly and Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis.

In July, the quarterback worked out with several NFL stars, including Derrick Henry and CeeDee Lamb, and many praised the quality of his arm and his still-keen vision of the game.