Jerry Cala destroys Rita Rusic: "He believes he is omnipotent"the answer to the actress’ poison    Tutto News

Jerry Cala destroys Rita Rusic: "He believes he is omnipotent"the answer to the actress’ poison Tutto News

Jerry Calà makes confessions about Rita Rusic, but the latter doesn’t hesitate to respond in a risqué way. Here is the verbal confrontation between them.

Rita Rusic was a very important film producer as well as a talent scout of the seventh art. The woman introduced the world to personalities of the caliber of Federico Moccia, Leonardo Pieraccioni and Paolo Virzì, to name just the most famous. It is thanks to her that many films saw the light of day and achieved considerable success, but it seems that temperamentally she was not the most condescending. It has happened in the past that someone did not address kind words to him.

But everything seems out of whack when you consider that Rita, a former member of Vittoria Cecchi Gori by the way, was able to produce about 12 films a year and distribute at least 60/70 of them. Crazy numbers specifically for Italy. His personality, which is not easy to handle, may have been his undoing, even Jerry Calà, who recently gave Rusic poisonous words, is convinced of that. Words that were immediately replicated by her. Here’s what they said.

Jerry Calà poisons Rita Rusic: “He only got the ‘powerful’ and meanwhile also …”

“A life of lust” is the title of Jerry Calà’s autobiography. In it, the same man without any fear expresses all his confusion about Rita Rusic. Although it’s been a long time since they worked together in the film Abbronzatissimi 2, Mara Venier’s ex-husband revealed that she has “the delirium of omnipotence”. Calà admitted it was his fault that he didn’t want to do more films with the Cecchi Gori group, adding other not-so-kind words as well.

“She didn’t want anyone entering her office. She received at most the powerful, to whom one could not say no Rusic, who said his own at the first opportunity to defend himself against slander. In an interview with Nuovo, he responded to the piquant phrases in Jerry’s book.

Rita Rusic admitted that while she wanted to work at a high level, it is not true that she only gets the most powerful in the office. Instead, he claimed that in terms of “how” he greeted them, part of the inevitable part is never having time for yourself, doing things in front of others. But it wasn’t scandalous for her to paint her nails while talking to people. He never thought it could bother anyone. “Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I didn’t scandalize men, at most I made fun of them,” the interview with the weekly newspaper ends.

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