Jeremy Renner: The actor’s cries of pain appear in the background of the 911 call: “He was crushed”

Jeremy Renner: The actor’s cries of pain appear in the background of the 911 call: “He was crushed”

On Wednesday evening (18), TMZ released details of the 911 call following Jeremy Renner’s accident. In the recording, the star can be heard screaming in pain while his neighbor appeals to local authorities for help.

During the 911 call, the neighbor desperately explains the injuries the Marvel star has sustained, including bruises to his ribs, chest, torso and head. The man, whose identity has not been released, also claimed Renner lost “a lot of blood” after being hit by the machine.

The call begins with the boy telling Jeremy who is in pain to “stay still”. “I need the emergency address, please,” the operator asked. The distraught neighbor explained that he had already given him the address, while Renner continued to moan in pain in the background. “[Preciso de ajuda] someone was immediately hit by a snow groomer, quickly,” the boy shouted.

The operator then asks the stranger to explain exactly what happened. “I don’t know, someone is in front of my house and got hit by a snow groomer [máquina de neve]. He was devastated. Call paramedics, ambulance,” he pleaded. The operator then reveals that help was already on the way. “Listen, you have to send help immediately,” the neighbor confirmed.

Jeremy RennerJeremy Renner was hit by a snow plow. (Photo: Getty)

When asked where Jeremey was bleeding from, the man admitted he couldn’t tell, before explaining that he was crushed on the right side of his body. “He was hit on the right side, upper body, ribs. It looks like his wrists were also bruised and he has a head injury,” he explained, who then asked for an estimate of the ambulance’s arrival.

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The neighbor continued to describe Hawkeye’s condition in a tortured tone: “His breathing is getting weaker and weaker. He’s breathing very slowly, he’s in pain, he’s conscious and we’re covering him with blankets.” The call ended with a worrying statement from the neighbor that Jeremy was losing consciousness.

The recording makes it clear that Jeremy required immediate rescue. According to TMZ, the star cried out in agony for more than 15 minutes while paramedics failed to arrive. Listen in full:

Emergency call after Jeremy Renner’s fall

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remember the case

During a news conference, Washoe County, Nevada Sheriff Darin Balaam shared details of the investigation, which found the star’s “Snowcat,” a 14,000pound snow removal machine, was responsible for the tragedy. Renner was helping a family member pull a vehicle out of the snow when it happened.

“Mr. Renner fetched his PistenBully or “Snowcat” an extremely large snowclearing device weighing at least 6,500 kg to set his vehicle in motion. After the private vehicle was successfully towed from its resting place, Mr. Renner was able to climb out of his PistenBully to speak to his family member,” Balaam clarified.

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At that moment, the machine consisting of an enclosed cab the size of a pickup truck with track wheels and designed to move in heavy snowfall slid and lost control. “Here you can see that the PistenBully has started rolling. In an attempt to stop the vehicle, Mr. Renner beats trying to get back into the driver’s seat. Based on our investigation, it was at this point that Mr. Renner was pulled over,” the sheriff explained.

Jeremy Renner "avenger".  (Photo: Reproduction / Marvel)Jeremy Renner appears in the Avengers franchise. (Photo: Reproduction / Marvel)

The story ties into Jeremy’s family’s People magazine account. Renner shoveled snow off his driveway on Sunday (1st) to allow his family to leave the house after they spent New Year’s Eve together. He also helped clear snow at his neighbor’s house, as everyone there was without power for 24 hours due to a massive snowstorm. So he helped everyone who was trying to clear the snow so people could get out,” the statement said.

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Balaam added that authorities have ruled out the possibility that Jeremy was the target of “staging.” The police officer confirmed that the hitandrun was just a coincidence. “The investigations are ongoing, but we do not suspect any thirdparty fault. I’ll say it again: We assume no thirdparty fault. We believe it was a tragic accident.”

The snow removal machine in Gavião Arqueiro was confiscated by the police, who are analyzing the equipment to see if there is a mechanical defect. Some international vehicles had reported that the security locks on the devices were not working, but the information has not yet been confirmed by police.

Jeremy Renner controls the snow plow that caused his accident. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) It continues after the advertisement

This Wednesday (18), Renner revealed on social media that he has already been discharged from hospital and is still recovering at home with the support of his family.

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