Jeremy Renner returns home after the tragic accident that nearly killed him: "I could not wait"

Jeremy Renner from the hospital Im in bad shape to

“Good news. You’re home then discharged from the hospital,” said one fan. “This tweet is so sweet and humble it’s rare to see a star share moments like this. Get well soon”, some wished him and others: “We still pray for you every day and will continue to do so. All the best to you and your family.”

After more than two weeks in intensive care, the Marvel star will need a lot of time and patience before he can really recover.
Just a few days ago, sources close to the actor even spoke of the risk of a leg amputation.

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On Jan. 1, Renner helped a family member clear snow from the car in his driveway with a large snowblower. As he got out of the vehicle, he was hit by the very heavy machine, weighing almost 6500 kg, which literally crushed him, causing his chest to collapse and severely injuring his leg, which was left under the snowblower for a long time. The American actor, known as “Hawkeye” from the “Avengers”, who was immediately rescued by some neighbors, was unable to breathe and was bleeding profusely from his head and leg. According to the story of a rescuer recovered by TMZ, he was transported to the hospital by helicopter and underwent two emergency surgeries, one to place metal pins around his legs and another in his chest: “The damage to his chest was so serious what was in Operating room reconstructed,” wrote Radar Online.

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Since regaining consciousness following his surgeries, the two-time Oscar-nominated star has shared glimpses of his life from his hospital bed. His first social post showed him in a selfie with a cannula on his nose and a swollen face, and he wrote to fans, “Thank you all for your kind words. I’m in too bad shape to write now. But I send you love”.

Jeremy Renner still serious rescuers report part of bust collapsed

In the days that followed, Renner also slowly found his desire to joke again and posted a video in which he showed himself washing his sister’s hair with a plastic hood and oxygen mask and wrote: “Moments of Spa in the hospital”. A few days ago, on the occasion of his 52nd birthday . birthday, the actor posted another video and shot of him appearing surrounded by ICU workers who literally saved his life.

“He’s a fighter,” his friends told tabloid, and the Marvel star is proving to be one indeed.