Jeremy Renner returns home after the serious accident: “I’m very happy” RDS 100% Grandi Successi

It was January 3, 2023 when Jeremy Rennerthe actor best known for his role as “Hawkeye” in the Marvel series was run over by a snow plow and rushed to the hospital. The conditions immediately appeared critical and it was only after a few days that there was news about his state of health. A few hours later, Renner let it be known via a shot on his Instagram profile that it was grateful for all the love received but still exciting under difficult conditions.

From the latest news It seems that the actor is in the process of recovery and that he could finally go home to his family. So he made it known with a simple tweet.

Jeremy Renner, the worst is over, come home

“Out of the cognitive fog in recovery. I couldn’t wait to see the mayor of Kingstown (editor’s note the TV series he stars in) home with my family.”

Like this commented Jeremy Renner below is a post shared from the official site of the TV series.

For their part, many and many have commented on the actor’s reaction: “Fantastic news. Then you’re home.” “This tweet is so sweet and humble that it’s rare to share moments like this with a star. Get well soon”.

Jeremy Renner stayed in intensive care for two weeks but his recovery will take time and patience the worst seems to be over at last.

Photo: LaPresse.