1673291770 Jeremy Renner celebrates his birthday in hospital wearing an

Jeremy Renner celebrates his birthday in hospital wearing an oxygen mask

Jeremy Renner celebrates his birthday in hospital wearing anInstagram

The actor also took to Twitter to share a video of well wishes dedicated to him from The Base, a student sports organization in Chicago where he regularly volunteers. In the clip, the kids can be seen holding signs with Renner’s first and last names as they dance to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” “Happy Birthday to @jeremyrenner. Have a nice day,” the post reads. The Marvel star then thanked everyone for the well wishes.

His condition seems to be slowly improving, as revealed by the actor himself by sharing other footage over the past few days showing his slow recovery and gradual return to abnormality.
Just a few days ago, for example, he posted the video of his sister shampooing and giving him a head massage: “A perfect day at the spa … in the hospital”.

As for how the accident happened, it now seems clear that the snowplow that Renner was using to clear the driveway of his home to allow a family member to exit by car overturned after he got out, literally crushing part of his chest, which collapsed and Breast.

Jeremy Renner still serious rescuers report part of bust collapsed

The injuries sustained were very serious, so the actor, known for playing “Hawkeye” in the Marvel superhero team, has already undergone two surgeries. Neighbors immediately rescued him and tried to stop the bleeding with a tourniquet, but he lost a lot of blood. He was transported to the hospital in a rescue helicopter and underwent serious operations there.