Jennifer Lopez wears the V neck dress that stylizes your

Jennifer Lopez wears the V neck dress that stylizes your figure and is trending in 2023 Panorama

Jennifer Lopez is an icon of Fashion and of course the 2023 It couldn’t help but start with her wearing a spectacular outfit that totally wowed us. For the celebration of the end of the year, the singer chose one two tone dress with a V-neckline that stylizes her figure and is obviously already a trend for this season.

We tell you what the basics of her look are and how to get inspiration for a similar style.

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Jennifer Lopez wears the V-neck dress that stylizes your figure and is trending in 2023

With a red dress with black and a Federation in form of heart, JLo managed to define her body and highlight her figure. That V-neck got his neck Y Breast they saw each other extended Y stylizedwhile the skirt of the a dress With a gentle drape, it helped give the outfit a better view.

The heart-shaped waistband, encrusted with silver glitter, brought the look to life and created a contrast between the garments.

When it came to makeup, the “Diva from the Bronx” opted for smoky eyes when wearing the black skirt, which added depth to her look, along with her hairstyle of loose hair and undefined waves.

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JLo wears the V-neck dress | instagram

How to wear the JLo style V-neck dress?

This type of look is ideal for making the neck look slim and elegant. Would you like to wear a style like that of ? JLo? We leave you 2 ideas that you will love.

Look #1

That Dresses with openings in which Legs They are perfect if you want your body to look stylized without neglecting any aspect of sensuality. Its combination with V-neck makes these garments one of all time favorites. What are you waiting for to use it?
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V-Neck Dress | Pinterest

Look #2

very much in the style of JLoeast V-neck dress has a skirt long Y smooth without openings that will help you Number look more defined. It will be one of your favorites for gala meetings.
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V-Neck Dress | Pinterest

And you, would you put the clothes on? V-neck Per stylize your Number How it works Jennifer Lopez?