Jennifer López: the reason I NEVER work with Luis Miguel

Jennifer López: the reason I NEVER work with Luis Miguel

Singer Jennifer Lopez The 52-year-old is one of the big Latin American stars with international exposure. She is currently enjoying her personal gift with boyfriend Ben Affleck, whom she married in Las Vegas a few weeks ago after giving love a second chance.

In addition, his documentary “Half Time” is on Netflix and a hit there Jennifer Lopez confirms its Latin roots. Another great reference point of Latin American music is Luis Miguel who, despite more than four decades of musical career, has been away from the stage for some time.

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Recently, an image went viral on social networks in which Luis Miguel and Jennifer Lopez They met at an event in Miami 15 years ago. Back then, the Bronx diva was dating Marc Anthony and it was he who invited his boyfriend, the sun of Mexico, over.

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Luis Miguel and JLo met at a party. Source: Terra Archive

The party was organized by Jennifer Lopez on the occasion of the premiere of the video for “Fresh out of the Oven”, a song he recorded in a duet with the Cuban rapper Pitbull. Luis Miguel He enjoyed the night, he came with his bodyguard, he wore an impeccable white shirt with matching pants and he smiled the whole party.

But there is a question that fans of Luis Miguel and also from Jennifer Lopez and that’s why they never worked together. From those close to Ben Affleck’s wife, they assure that she is very demanding when it comes to recording and that Luis Miguel does not like being given orders or being managed by time. Undoubtedly both have very strong characters and they clash, just because of that they never tried it. This year it was thought that Sol de México would release a new album and that among his songs would be a collaboration with his friend Marc Anthony, who is much more relaxed when it comes to recording, but there is no news on that yet.