Jennifer Lopez shows off her hips with a sensual black

Jennifer Lopez shows off her hips with a sensual black body

for years, Jennifer Lopez excels in the entertainment industry. Although her musical and acting talent has propelled her to the pinnacle of fame, we cannot deny that her beauty has always been a plus in furthering her artistic career. At 53, she stands out as one of the most beautiful women and her followers remember her every time they get a chance.

On her official Instagram account, the interpreter usually shares several photos that she takes in meetings or that she takes herself with her cell phone camera. On this occasion he showed the campaign he ran for Revolve, with which he launched his own shoe line as the reason for the collaboration.

Jennifer Lopez shows off her hips with a sensual black

The photo of Jennifer Lopez stealing hearts.

In the pictures he appears in a tight and sensual dress body black, which attracted everyone’s attention during the said photo shoot. Oddly enough, it’s not the first time that JLO has opted for this piece and is wearing it very sensually on her social networks. See!

Jennifer Lopez steals sighs with tight black body

Although she always focuses on her career as a performer, we cannot deny that the artist also uses her time to promote other facets: we have seen her work as a producer in various productions, starred in several films and also various private ventures carried out . The best known is JLO Beauty, where he created his own creams and skin care products.

The truth is Jennifer Lopez He also has the world of fashion in his sights. Being a recognized celebrity in all parts of the world, she has surprised on various red carpets or even at her concerts with very elegant, extravagant, sensual dresses that suit her perfectly.

Not only does she have a large closet, but she is encouraged to collaborate with her favorite clothing and shoe brands. He recently launched a line of shoes in collaboration with the Revolve company on March 16th. As she is the creative mind behind the designs, she was also the main face of the advertising campaign.

As expected, she looks beautiful in the pictures and stands out with extremely attractive costumes. Among all the clothes he posed in for the cameras, we can single out a sexy one body black, which was accompanied by a completely transparent dress of flames.

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More beautiful than ever! This is what JLO looks like at 53.

This post received more than 400,000 likes and earned the compliments of its millions of followers. The truth is that the black bodysuit is a great ally when it comes to getting dressed, and especially in the wardrobe Jennifer Lopez. It is not the first time that she has opted for such a piece and wears it very sensually.

A few days ago, with the aim of promoting her company JLO Beauty, the star shared a picture where she can be seen from behind, wearing this iconic piece of clothing that stands out for its versatility. With an enormous beauty and a stunning figure, the interpreter once again proved that her 53 years suit her perfectly.