“Jennifer Lopez is sexy as fire.”  The Secrets of the Diva Revealed by Fausto Puglisi

“Jennifer Lopez is sexy as fire.” The Secrets of the Diva Revealed by Fausto Puglisi

Roberto Cavalli creative director designed for JLo the clothes worn during the show at the Certosa di San Giacomo for the LuisaviaRoma event for Unicef

A crazy capri for Jennifer Lopez, who appeared for perhaps the last time with her girl’s last name “on the bill” because she decided to take her husband’s last name after her marriage to Ben Affleck (which enrages feminists around the world) . She was the guest of honor of the so-called summer event, the charity LuisaviaRoma For Unicef, the sixth edition of the sixth edition of the charity event in support of children, which they gathered last night benefactors from around the world at the Certosa di San Giacomo on Capri.

To dress the diva on stage was Fausto Puglisi, creative director of Roberto Cavalli, who created stage clothes for her inspired by the atmosphere of the seventies with icons like Cher and Studio54. “We tried until the end to make sure everything worked, then I flew on vacation to Puglia just before the event,” admits Puglisi, who, however, accompanied the diva to the final touches. The idea of ​​dressing her for the Capri event came about a month ago in Los Angeles. “I want you to dress me,” Jlo would have said to Puglisi, who created the evening’s look with stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haen. A tiger print, with knee-length embroidered trousers covered in feathers and Swarovski crystals, with a chiffon veil cape and another couture cape made from 150 yards of fabric. Finally, a desert-toned nude look, “a bombshell of extreme physicality, Jennifer is sexy as fire,” says Puglisi, speaking of the layering of elements “that change according to the metrics of the music.” A Jlo in great shape, as the designer himself admits. “I found her very happy, at the peak of her energy, never seen before: she is a bomb of discipline and strength, a muse”.

July 31, 2022 (Change July 31, 2022 | 15:28)