Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Media announce "temporary separation" of the couple after three weeks of marriage    RPP Noticias

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Media announce "temporary separation" of the couple after three weeks of marriage RPP Noticias

After three weeks of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez agreed to live apart and focus on their professional careers. The couple just honeymooned in Paris and believe this “temporary split” will help strengthen their marriage, a source close to the artists told Hollywood Life.

“The only thing that makes their relationship unique is that they know more than anyone about the demands that come with what they do,” the source told the outlet. The relative argued that both do not want to give up their careers in the name of love and believe that the best option is to live apart for a while.

“In fact, they believe that spending time apart makes them stronger, and that’s perfect because when they’re apart, they make an awful lot of money. It’s a win-win situation for both of them.”

Ben Affleck49, returned to Los Angeles and Jennifer Lopez, 53, stayed in Europe after her honeymoon. Although they aren’t physically in the same place, the source explained that they chat on a daily basis and when they meet again it will only be sweeter.

“They’re always talking, texting, FaceTiming… And the time they spend apart makes the reunion so much better. JLo loves the fact that her man will be there for her no matter what,” says.

Marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

hollywood stars, Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleckmarried July 16 in a private ceremony held in Las Vegas, United States of America.

The TMZ portal accessed court records proving the couple’s union. According to the document, which is in the name of Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez, both agreed to a marriage license on Saturday, July 16, in Clark County, Nevada.

Additionally, a source confirmed to People Magazine, the actor and actress held a “small” ceremony to celebrate their bond. “He was super, super small. The mother [de Jennifer Lopez] and the kids were there. They just wanted to get married, so they got married.”

as remembered Ben Affleck Y Jennifer Lopez they got engaged in 2004; However, they separated for professional reasons. Some time later, the actor married Jennifer Garner and had three children; while the artist married Marc Anthony and had twins.

Although they took different paths, they always maintained this bond of friendship. They publicly supported each other. “They are both very secure in their relationship and Ben loves them. It’s really meant to be and everyone around them thinks they’re a perfect match,” a source told E! News.


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