Jeffry Parra from the Capitales de Quebec to the Tampa

Jeffry Parra: from the Capitales de Quebec to the Tampa Bay Rays

Quebec Capitales star receiver Jeffry Parra has impressed enough in the Frontier League to land a major league baseball contract with the Tampa Bay Rays.

This was announced by the formation of the old capital on Saturday in a press release. The 25-year-old Dominican will continue to develop for Rays’ subsidiaries. It’s a return to that level for Parra, who was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 2016.

“We are very happy for him. With the two seasons he has just spent with us, and especially the last one, he has more than earned his spot. And I can’t wait to see what he can do if he gets the chance in the lower leagues,” said head coach Patrick Scalabrini, who welcomed Parra in 2021 with open arms.

The right-hander was a member of Team Quebec before donning the Capitals’ uniform for the first time last year. He quickly made new friends on the team by breaking the franchise home run record by stretching his arms 32 times. He drove in 83 carries in 86 games and posted a .321 batting average.

Behind the plate, Parra wowed runners all season by posting a league-high with 32 attempted steals.

Lebreux and Lacroix convince the “Caps”

Additionally, the Capitals announced Friday that Quebec outfielders Marc-Antoine Lebreux and Jonathan Lacroix will return to Stade Canac in 2023.

In 82 games last season, Lebreux had a .261 batting average. He also excelled in stolen bases with 17 and points made with 44.

“Marc-Antoine is already very good defensively and has steadily improved at all levels in the 2022 season,” said Scalabrini. And I know he’s continuing to train very hard this winter to keep his place in professional baseball.

As for him, Lacroix maintained a .285 average in addition to his 51 points and six long drives in 94 games. However, it was mainly thanks to his defensive strength that he fell into favor with his manager.

“Jo was the defensive player of the year for me, with electric moves in midfield and a warlike attitude, always on duty under all circumstances, the pilot estimated. He doesn’t talk much, but he’s a quiet leader who is well respected by all his teammates.