JayDaYoungan’s father says he and late rapper were mugged by 5 gunmen outside their home

JayDaYoungan’s father says he and late rapper were mugged by 5 gunmen outside their home

In the days since 24-year-old rapper JayDaYoungan was fatally shot in his home state of Louisana, more details about the tragic incident have been released.

On Friday (July 29), the recording artist’s grandfather, LC Jefferson, said: “No stone will be left unturned until we find out who kidnapped him. That’s just what I hear. Someone came out from behind the house wearing a ski mask and shot him.”

“In broad daylight, on a busy road. People have gotten so comfortable they think they can shoot someone without getting caught,” he added.

Since then, JayDaYoungan’s father – who was with his son at the time of the attack – has spoken to TMZ to share his side of the story.

According to Kenyatta Scott, he and the “Heaven Gates” hitmaker were sitting in the front yard of their Louisana home on Wednesday night when a black truck pulled up outside and three people with guns jumped out.

JayDaYoungans father says he and late rapper were mugged by

JayDaYoungan in 2018 – Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Scott and his son reportedly attempted to run into the home, but when two other people, also carrying guns, approached the side of the property, shots were fired immediately.

JayDaYoungan’s father revealed he was also armed at the time and fired back at his attackers to defend his family. During the incident, Scott was shot twice in the arm and his boy was punched at least eight times, causing much blood loss and eventual untimely death.

Scott feels like the Bogalusa native was murdered “out of jealousy” for making it out of his hometown. “He thinks whoever was behind the shoot was jealous of JDY’s success,” notes TMZ.

The artist’s father added that Jay had no beef with anyone and he doesn’t believe the murder was gang related or that his son knew the gunmen. Still, Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen told the outlet that local authorities are considering all motives, including gangs and/or retaliation.

It was noted that police officers appear to believe there was only one shooter. So far, no suspects have been identified or arrested.

Kenyatta Scott has asked that fans remember JayDaYoungan as a “good, humble and respectful kid.” REST IN PEACE.

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