Japanese government wants young people to drink more alcohol

Japanese government wants young people to drink more alcohol

Young Japanese aren’t drinking as much as they used to and that’s what the government is worried about.

The National Tax Agency launched a competition for proposals to encourage people to consume more alcoholic beverages in a bid to reduce the hole caused by the drop in sales of these products in the country.

The campaign, called Sake Viva! urges 2039 year olds to come up with ideas to revive the popularity of alcoholic beverages that have fallen out of favor due to lifestyle changes during the pandemic.

Annual alcohol consumption in Japan fell from an average of 100 liters per person in 1995 to 75 liters in 2020, according to the Japanese press and British newspaper The Guardian, which reported on the campaign. % of Japan’s tax revenue in 1980 and 3% in the year 2011, in 2020 will account for 1.7%.

The fall in alcohol tax revenue in fiscal 2020 at 110 billion yen was the largest in 31 years, according to the Japan Times.

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The Covid pandemic may have influenced the change in habits, the Japanese press says, as it affected going out at bars and restaurants, including the habit of drinking with colleagues to deepen bonds and communication in the work environment something that also affects the home office discouraged.

The reason given is also the decline in population with the decline in the proportion of young people and the aging of the population.

Beer consumption fell the most, with a 20% drop to less than 1.8 billion liters.

About half of young Japanese are not in the habit of drinking daily, according to a research institute cited by the Jiji Press Agency.

Participants in Sake Viva! should present strategies that also promote domestic alcohol consumption. The competition will be streamed live online and registration closes on September 9th.

Entries that pass the first selection will proceed to the final stage, which will take place in Tokyo on November 10th. The top rated products and campaigns are sponsored by the government to make them a reality.