Japan looks for a way to get young people to drink more alcohol

In Japan, the government is looking for a way to do this drink more alcohol to its citizens. As ideas ran out, the Japanese Tax Administration (NTA) launched a competition in which Anyone can submit a proposal to revitalize the alcohol industry. Is called “Sake viva!“And will give young people between the ages of 20 and 39 until September 9 to come up with ‘appropriate ways’ to persuade their peers to drink more, perhaps also to explore the possibilities.” metaverse. On the contrary, the reason for this awareness campaign is that tax revenue from alcoholic beverages has never been higher it gets lower. According to a Japan Times survey, this industry contributed 5 percent of total tax revenue to GDP in 1980 2020 to 1.7 percent. A decline due to the fact that it now affects 30 percent of the Japanese population older than 65 years.

Per capita alcohol consumption in Japan fell from 100 liters in 1995 to 75 liters in fiscal year 2020, according to NTA statistics. As if that wasn’t enough, the work smart has left people wondering if they still really need to drink after work with co-workers. In short, for a country with a chronic budget deficit and a national debt of more than double GDP, alcohol is a vital economic resource. Because of this, young people are being forced to drink more and more, with the Ministry of Health still reminding everyone to drink.the appropriate amount of alcohol“. The best idea created by “Sake Viva!” will be awarded on November 10th in Tokyo and offered on the market.

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