Jao from Ratos de Porao calls Digao from Raimundos to

Jão from Ratos de Porão calls Digão from Raimundos to ‘beat’ him

Guitarist Jão from the band Ratos de Porão sent a message to Digão, singer and guitarist of Raimundos, via social networks.

In a video posted to Instagram, the punk band’s guitarist recalled the criticism that Digão had already leveled at Ratos de Porão and said he was quite weary of the differences.

“Something has been bothering me for a long time,” the musician begins in the video. “It seems that Digão from Raimundos in his lack of musical inspiration if he ever had any the way he set out to perform is to attack my band and my bandmates,” he admitted.

“Well, my friend, I’ll warn you, man…I know it’s going to hit you that I’m not following you here. By the way, we chase fascists and don’t follow them. Soap, do you see my brother? To talk about my band. Why is the following, my… 40+ year history, such a piece of shit like you want to defame my band?!”

Then Jão makes the unusual invitation:

“Here’s the thing: I’m here, publicly, challenging you. We both are in a ring and we will fight. Let’s see if you guarantee yourself if everything you do is the internet.”

Finally, the guitarist makes another suggestion:

“And if you don’t want to fight and you want to fight, just like in an old ‘bangbang’ movie, we do it too, because you’re ‘Bolsominion’ you have to have a gun.”

political disagreements

The provocations mentioned by Jão refer to the exchange of barbs between Digão and João Gordo precisely because of political problems. After being criticized by several musicians for his political statements, Digão called Tico Santa Cruz (of Detonautas), João Gordo and others “pebag”.

Afterwards, Gordo stated that there were no disagreements with Digão.

“I never really liked him, to be honest,” he told the Flow podcast. “I took a ‘Fur’ because the guy from Restart [Pe Lu] took a ‘fur’ from him, said he was a reaction [?] And he’s been making some denial statements for a while.”

As of press time, Digão had not responded to Jão’s summons.