James Winston is shooting another absurd training video

This is the content of James Winston, which is missing on the Internet.

The upcoming free agent QB has returned to his bizarre training after undergoing surgery on his left ACL, which he tore apart on October 31 against the Buccaneers.

A new video appeared on Twitter on Wednesday showing Saints QB shaking like a leaf as she tries to balance on an exercise ball. He held a soccer ball in a throwing position while a coach tried to throw it off balance.

Twitter had a field day with a preview that showed a laser-focused Winston swinging everywhere. But he managed to keep his balance.

On February 28, Winston runs for the first time after his ACL operation. Since then, he has been stepping up his cardio with various workouts, as seen in social media videos. He resigned on March 16 and it is unclear whether he will return to New Orleans.

According to NFL networkthe saints will “explore each option, as it is related to this position, which means that project, trade and free representation.”

Winston’s workouts have become a fan favorite over the years. Last June, the quarterback made Twitter buzz for a training video that showed him avoiding fictitious targets through fake pockets.

While his work with his legs turned out to be impressive in the video, it was the way he maneuvered through the targets that made fans question the training.

“What the hell is he doing in this workout?!?” one fan tweets. Another added“What is this really e-k.”

Winston defended himself in April 2020 after former Giants quarterback David Nich, an NFL analyst, criticized his technique in another video.

“Stop paying your friends to train you,” Carr said in response to a video showing Winston avoiding a high-speed bag controlled by his coach.

“Seek some help. I’ve been in a lot of falling apart pockets and I’ve never had defenders just flying against my head. ” Carr continued, adding emojis for crying and laughing.

Winston answers“Hey, brother, I have nothing but love for you!” Contact us to help or take care of your business. I have been working with my personal trainer since I was 14! We built this from the bottom and we are still building. Treat others the way you want them to treat you, brother! #Lahater #SocialDistancing. ”

Here are some more, um, interesting videos about Winston’s workouts over the years: