James Rodríguez and Karol G: This is how they sing and dance in their luxury car

James Rodríguez and Karol G: This is how they sing and dance in their luxury car

The alleged idyll between James Rodríguez and Karol G came to an end when the Colombian player denied everything, but similarities emerged in what they do in their cars, which we show you here in the video. Continue reading…

June 14, 2022 6:24 p.m

The rumor of romance between James Rodriguez and Karol G. It started when the talented Bichota visited the Colombian player at his home and was even able to share with his daughter Salomé, which appeared in an image that went viral and aroused thousands of suspicions among his followers.

It should be noted that some time later James Rodríguez painted his hair the same color as Karol G in blue, which caused the madness of the fans and even commented on his photo where they called him “Bichote”, what the rumor of the conquest further stoked in sight.

However, the Colombian player surprisingly denied being involved with Karol G and yelled his lucky single from the rooftops, completely breaking the illusion. but a special detail could combine them with maximum speed.

This is known to many both have the same taste in sports and luxury cars, absolutely fast, efficient, against all obstacles and with great performance, characteristics that have been publicly proven in the audiovisual field be seen in vehicles that sing and dance to the beat of music and make their followers fall in love.

Karol G, surprised by the imposing Mercedes Benz G Classextraordinary off-roader with precise steering system, optional adaptive, adjustable damping suspension as well as an advanced twin-turbocharged V8 that accelerates the mighty vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in a modest 5.9 seconds.

It should be noted that it has a 9-speed gearbox, it is ideal for difficult roads and a great monster for obstacles with a great 422 hp of extreme quality in terms of speed, comfort and the promise of living a unique experience.

For his part James Rodriguez enjoy in one BMW M8which has 625/6,000 hp, a speed of 250 km/h and a 0 to 100 km acceleration in just 3.2 seconds, highlights a great team worth around $200,000.

Between songs, movements and more, the footballer makes it clear how much fun he has in a moving car and the comfort of the seats goes hand in hand with the generous space to have the best driving experience.

+ Get ready to see James Rodríguez and Karol G start a whole party in the cars: