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“Jair Bolsonaro is guilty of dramatic destruction of nature” in Brazil

Environmentalist and candidate for federal representative, Marina Silva, in Sao Paulo (Brazil), September 22, 2022. Environmentalist and candidate for federal deputy, Marina Silva, in Sao Paulo (Brazil) September 22, 2022. AMANDA PEROBELLI/ Portal

Two decades in which she embodies the fight for ecology in Brazil. At 64, Marina Silva is far from having given up politics. Born in the Amazon, raised in the communities of workers who collect latex, union leader and defender of the forest, emblematic Minister of the Environment (2003-2008) during the time of the left in power and three times unsuccessful candidate for the presidential elections, here she stands for one new election campaign, is running for the office of federal deputy on the occasion of the election on October 2nd.

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Marina Silva, a bitter opponent of Jair Bolsonaro whom she sees as a “threat of threats”, has decided to settle old debts. On September 12, she publicly declared her support for her former mentor and president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, left-wing candidate and favorite in the next elections, with whom she abruptly split in the late 2000s amid a conflict over the preservation of the environment.

How do you assess Jair Bolsonaro’s four years in power?

In many ways, particularly in relation to the environment, Jair Bolsonaro can be considered a criminal. And a criminal against humanity! He is guilty of the dramatic devastation of nature, the unprecedented attacks on indigenous peoples, but also the destruction of our democratic institutions, our social fabric, not to mention millions of poor people and hundreds of thousands of victims of the Covid-19 crisis. Ultimately, Jair Bolsonaro must be held accountable and brought to justice for his crimes, particularly environmental ones, whether in Brazil or internationally. But first we have to sanction him in the elections.

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Is that why you made up with Lula?

Yes. Brazil is living through a very defining moment in its history. It is about preserving what is most valuable to us: democracy and the environment. I had the feeling that Brazilian society was waiting for a spot from me before the first round. I have always been open to dialogue with President Lula. You know, even though we haven’t been in a public relationship for years, we never stopped talking privately. But I wanted this meeting with him and the Labor Party [PT]to which I belonged for thirty years, is born first of ideas.

They gave Lula a program of twenty-seven suggestions, some of which relate to environmental protection…

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