Jagmeet Singh wants to exist at our expense

Jagmeet Singh wants to exist at our expense

The NDP therefore wants the federal government to demand conditions from the federal states before increasing health transfers. In particular, he would like the ban on all forms of privatization to be a sine qua non for state governments.

Respect for fields of competence? We do not care.

Respect for the expertise and specifics of provincial affairs? nothing to grow.

Contribution of proven private clinics during the pandemic, especially for minor surgeries? We don’t look at that.

Apparently the only thing that matters to the NDP is ideology, dogma and doctrine. Jagmeet Singh tries to exist politically at the expense of the provinces and their jurisdictions.

He understood that the deal he had signed with the Liberals had marginalized him and made him irrelevant in the eyes of the populace. He is trying to restore the balance of power that he himself sacrificed in initialing this agreement.

As negotiations progress slowly but surely as terms have become parameters, the NDP wants to play spoilsport and get us back to square one. It is a dangerous game that could prematurely and, above all, unnecessarily throw us into an election campaign.

As emergencies overflow, while health systems are sometimes strained, sometimes in crisis, the New Democrat leader reminds us of the militant left’s inability to be pragmatic and rise above partisanship.

If Justin Trudeau couldn’t explain the reasons that led him to launch the last campaign, this time Jagmeet Singh would risk serving it on a silver platter.

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