Jade Picon exudes beauty by posting video of different looks

Jade Picon exudes beauty by posting video of different looks

Influencer Jade Picon published a video on her social networks in which she appeared with different looks

This Tuesday the 9th Jade Picon (20) shared a trend on her Instagram by posting a video with different looks.

The first style Jade chose was the beach style, in which the influencer appeared lavishly beautiful in a white bikini. In her second look, the former BBB appeared in sportswear, a top and a skirt.

Jade appeared in a little blue dress with a floral print and a pink leather bag. And the final look chosen by the BBB 22 contestant was a baggy black shirt, white shorts and a cap.

“Loved this trend, lots of other jades rolled into one,” the actress of the next 9 p.m. soap opera Travessia wrote in the video’s caption.

The singer Pablo Vittar was present in the comments, praising Jade’s looks: “Gata anyway.”

The fans of the influencer also thought the post was great! “Slaying as always my diva,” commented one follower. And another fan commented: “What a woman.”

Heavy workout!

On the morning of the 9th, Jade shared her look that she was going to the gym for a workout. The influencer went for the allblack style, wearing a black top and leggings.

After a hard workout, the former BBB showed the result by posting a selfie in the mirror showing off her six pack abs.