Jacques Julliard Help Mr Xi Jinping

Jacques Julliard: “Help, Mr. Xi Jinping!”

By Jacques Julliard

Posted 3 hours ago, Updated 3 hours ago

Jacques Juliard. Le figaro

CHRONICLE – The historian and essayist, whom Le Figaro readers will find every first Monday of the month, is concerned that a section of the left is giving up defending the value of work. And he emphasizes the difference between militants and clientele.

The date Friday September 30, when Vladimir Putin threw off the mask at the end of a parody of popular consultations by annexing the territories of a foreign power that he did not even fully control, will it remain as a turning point? Certainly in the war in Ukraine. Any negotiation is henceforth impossible for a long time: Putin committed the irreversible, while Zelenskyy reacted by rejecting any idea of ​​negotiations with him. But in the war that the same Putin openly declared on the entire West on the same day? So throughout history? Nothing is clear here because nothing has been finally decided yet. If further proof were needed that the role played by dominant figures in history can be just as crucial, if not more so, than the economic, social, and anthropological causes, then all that is at stake before our eyes would easily supply it .

take the case…

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Freedom should also come at the end of a debate.

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