J POP MANGA releases of January 5 2023

J POP MANGA releases of January 5, 2023

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dance dance dancer

dance dance dancer 10

Junpei lands in Amagasaki to face his first Youth America Grand Prix competition! However, once he arrives, he learns that Ruo is in Russia to compete in the Vaganova Prix and that he will not be competing in the YAGP. Junpei will therefore have to give up the original goal of challenging his “enemy Ruo”…

Publisher: JPOP extension; Price: €6.50

Komi cannot communicate

Komi cannot communicate 25

Komi starts third year of high school! He’s still with Tadano and Najimi, but his old classmates (including Rumiko) are in a different class… and because of that, the start of the new school year is filled with anxiety. Luckily, the new Deputy Principal has decided to foster new friendships with a battle royale involving all the students! In an extraordinary situation, our shy heroine will be able to show how much she has matured over the past two years!

Publisher: JPOP extension; Price: €5.90

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 12

Telne, number two in Eintracht, organizes an arranged marriage for Elma with a specific political goal. Kobayashi and Tohru, resented and irritated by the docility with which the dragon friend decides to accept her fate, make it clear what their mutual positions and feelings are. After so much effort, what answer will dragons and humans arrive at?

Publisher: JPOP extension; Price: €6.50

Don't torment me, Nagatoro!

Don’t torment me, Nagatoro! 13

Naoto Hachioji, a high school otaku, is reluctant to form relationships with his peers. Until she meets Hayase Nagatoro, a younger schoolmate with a very different character from hers: energetic, surrounded by friends, but above all… quite sadistic! Thus begins the relationship of this unlikely couple with Nagatoro, who will devote himself to the relentless torment of the senpai, in a kind of emotional “boot camp” that will help him come out of his shell.

Publisher: JPOP extension; Price: €6.00


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