IZA takes a daring selfie when she wakes up and teases her wearing almost seethrough lingerie: "my good morning"

IZA takes a daring selfie when she wakes up and teases her wearing almost seethrough lingerie: "my good morning"

pottery muse! IZA started playing with the hearts of her Instagram followers on Thursday (18) by posting a passionate selfie to make the crowd happy. The singer showed off her natural beauty and, as always, received praise from the crowd.

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Just to show off her beauty on social media, the singer posed very comfortably while still wearing her most comfortable clothes to sleep. The muse opted for a lighter makeup and didn’t fail to waste her good shape while making this model’s face worthy of the record.

The comments were full of praise for IZA, who has around 16 million followers on her Instagram profile. “The most beautiful of all,” commented a follower, praising the singer. “Imagine taking a selfie and having all that beauty,” joked another fan of the muse. Check the log:

IZA talks about recognition of her career: “I see myself as a brand”

pop muse! IZA recently gave an interview to Vogue magazine and spoke about her career and how she likes to be recognized as she is now one of the most celebrated artists in the country. The singer has been open about her music, blasting the charts and saying she sees herself as a brand today.

“Recognition is very important. I don’t like to sound boastful and I’m afraid of arrogance, but credibility is something I’ve had since I started. I see myself as a brand and behave as one. I know when I go outside, I’m already working,” IZA said.

The artist reflected on the charts currently defining what a real hit is. “A lot of people think if a song doesn’t hit 20 million in a week, it didn’t work. It’s an absurdity. Numbers aren’t everything. An artist is a person who has a different, lyrical and poetic view of society, and that view doesn’t have to be conditioned by numbers,” the singer said.

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