Ivete Sangalos block in Fortal is marked by trampling and

Ivete Sangalo’s block in Fortal is marked by trampling and accusations of aggression earth

Block by Ivete Sangalo at Fortal, one of the country's largest micaretas, which takes place in Fortaleza.

Block by Ivete Sangalo at Fortal, one of the country’s largest micaretas, which takes place in Fortaleza.

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Trampling and accusations of aggression against revelers marked the passage of Ivete Sangalo’s block in Fortal, one of the largest micaretas in the country, lasting four days in Fortaleza. This Saturday, the 22nd, a riot broke out on the avenue that the Ivete block passed, resulting in collective kicking, resulting in people being injured. Revelers also reported abuses by security guards at the event.

The incident happened just as Ivete entered the Corridor da Folia after revelers bumped into the structure separating the blocks. Many revelers were injured during this action. With nowhere to go, some revelers began bumping into the security guards, who set up a barrier with a sign at the beginning of the block.

Guys what a pain to see this! πŸ₯Ί

Overcrowded in the Ivete’s Village block, lots of comments about a lack of organization and disrespect for revelers.



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July 23, 2023

Videos posted on social media show several people being trampled. In a note to UOL columnist Lucas Pasin, event organizers reported that six people were being treated at the Fortal ambulance.

In the note, the organization of the event blamed the revelers for what happened and spoke of a “push and push”. β€œDuring the incident, six people suffered minor injuries but quickly received help from the security teams. At that moment, the trio was stopped for the required time so that everything returned to normal and the trio’s journey continued normally and without inconvenience,” read an excerpt of the statement.

Ivete regrets what happened

On the night of this Sunday the 23rd, Ivete Sangalo commented on what happened during the block passage. On Instagram Stories, she said she was “very upset by what happened.”

“I want to show you how important I am to your safety, my safety, our joy, our presence on the street,” he said.

Block apologizes

In a statement released this Sunday, the Bloco Village, where Ivete was performing, reported that “there was a breach in the winglet structure separating the blocks, resulting in a narrowing of the space allotted for revelers and resulting in injuries to some attendees at the event.”

According to the block, Ivete stopped the trio and “made her team available to provide any assistance possible, only proceeding with her presentation after being informed by block production that the situation was absolutely under control.”

Nevertheless, according to the organization of the block, security forces and rescue workers were mobilized to help injured people.

“Bloco Village sincerely apologizes for what happened, reiterates that it has offered full support to revelers and guarantees that it is organized and safe for revelers to enjoy Sunday in peace.” Ivete returns this Sunday night to perform at the block.

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